What Size Dehumidifier Should You Use for a Double Garage?

One of the primary factors that are responsible for spoiling the atmospheric air of your home and garage is humidity levels.

With excess humidity levels, the entire garage reeks of a musty smell.

High humidity levels can also make the air warmer as it exaggerates sweat which doesn’t evaporate.

This causes heating in your double garage room which makes the entire atmosphere warm.

The average size of two-car garage space (or double garage) usually ranges from 320 to 480 sq. feet. in countries like US  and UK. 

To make the conditions right in your double garage, it’s good to choose a dehumidifier of at least a 30-pint that will conveniently remove 30 pints of moisture in a single day. 

A 30-pint dehumidifier can easily handle wet to very wet areas of 500 square feet. Plus, if you have a slightly damp space between 500-1500 square feet you can use them well.

If however, you have a bigger size garage than this you will need to get a dehumidifier with 50-pint or 70-pint.

While a 50-pint dehumidifier can handle 1000 square feet of area if it’s too wet, a 70-pint dehumidifier will be able to dehumidify up to 2500 square feet of wet areas.

What Size Dehumidifier for Double Garage

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

Though it works almost like an air-conditioner, a dehumidifier doesn’t blow cool air. The unit comes equipped with 2 coils i.e. a cool one and a warm one that works in a way that lessens the humidity levels.

Moreover, it is cost-effective compared to your air-condition burning, therefore using a dehumidifier is much more beneficial in terms of both monetarily and functionality.

A garage dehumidifier comprises the following basic units:

  • A compressor fan pulls the external air inside the machine and helps in distributing the air and cooling the coils present inside the machine
  • Sets of cooling coils to cool the external air drawn inside by the fan compressor thereby help in removing the moisture
  • A reheating unit reheats the air which is returning to the home atmosphere
  • A small plastic bucket form of the reservoir which helps in collecting the moisture which is pulled inside from the outer atmosphere

In the case of contemporary model home dehumidifiers, the apparatus contains several new technological extra fittings and parts like a hose hook for the reservoir chamber, electronic humidistat to detect, read and show the current humidity or moisture level in the atmospheric air, in-built condensate pump to pump and expel the water from the reservoir chamber, etc.

Most of the two car garage dehumidifiers which are available presently in the market contain humidistat and condensate pumps so that you can easily know the humidity level of your living place.

The water from these units will be expelled out automatically without any need for assistance.

Why You Need One in Your Garage?

High humidity is a problem mainly in summers and rainy seasons.

During high humidity, your body feels uncomfortable along with frizzy hands and hair.

A few common problems which arise due to high humidity levels are as follows:

  1. Musty smelling atmosphere
  2. Wet stains on the ceilings, floors, and walls
  3. Unwanted pests inside the garage like centipedes, bugs, etc
  4. Stuffy atmosphere regardless of the number of people staying in the particular area or room
  5. Chronic respiratory troubles like asthma and allergic rhinitis
  6. The inability of the body to cool by itself may lead to acquiring heat stroke
  7. Trouble sleeping at night due to so much stuffiness in the air

Apart from the above mentioned, if you notice other problems such as wood rot or molds in your 2 car garage area you need to have a dehumidifier machine installed immediately.

The Conclusion

In order to obtain the highest efficiency from the double garage dehumidifier, it is important to invest the right time and effort to get the right size.

After all, you definitely wish to pay for and use something which is in its full power!

Hope you invest a little time and effort in your dehumidifier to use it to its full potential and to add more life to it.

It is important to pay attention to the replacement of the coil so that you don’t overuse them and deteriorate the functioning of the device.

Go through the manual once before you begin to use the device and make sure you follow the instructions to enjoy your clean air.

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