How To Get Mothball Smell Out of Car and Camper?

how to remove mothball smell in car

I am sure – everyone has experienced that pungent smell of mothballs in our lifetime. To many, it smells bitter and for others, it’s like the odor of ammonia, house paint, or even cigarette smoke. Mothballs usually come with ingredients like naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene that … Read more

15 Best Modern Vintage Cars (Retro-Inspired)

Best Modern Vintage Cars

It seems like the clock is turning back when it comes to car designs as new and modern machinery is being introduced to the world of cars. A lot of companies are going back to their old designs and re-launching old models with better, more … Read more

5 Greatest Cars from Carrozzeria-Ghia

Carrozzeria-Ghia Cars

Carrozzeria Ghia is an Italian car and bodywork design company founded by Giacinto Ghia and Gariglio as Carrozzeria Ghia in 1916 in Turin, Italy. They were responsible for the bodywork on many gorgeous sports cars before being purchased by Ford, and they suffered the same … Read more

10 Best WRC Cars (All-Time Favorite)

Best WRC Cars

Over 4 decades of World Rally Championships have produced some of the most powerful and enthralling motorsports machines ever. These cars can conquer any terrain they are put into. From tarmac to sand to Swedish snow. You name it. But just like everything else in … Read more

15 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time

Most Beautiful Cars

Did you ever believe in love at first sight? Even though the famous saying goes – Not to judge a book by its cover. But, Aesthetics. The eye wants what the eye wants.  And especially when it comes to cars there are always some cars … Read more

10 Greatest Italian Cars Ever Made

Best all time Italian Cars

Typically, each country’s automobiles have something unique to them: Germany’s high-quality engineering, Britain’s luxury, and America’s muscle. But what about Italy? In terms of reputation, many consider Italy to be Europe’s supercar/hypercar capital. Several manufacturers have emerged from Italy over the generations, only to blow … Read more

The Top 10 German Cars of All Time

Best All Time German Cars

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of German cars is built quality and efficiency. It’s not rare to come across a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi with over 200,000 miles on the odometer that still looks and feels brand new. For many years, … Read more

The 10 Greatest F1 Cars of All Time

best all time f1 cars

You’re amazed by their immense force as you watch them speeding along the tracks. Yes, Formula One cars are engineering marvels.  In case you didn’t know, these screamers and their sport, Formula 1, have a 70-year history. There have been some genuinely remarkable F1 cars … Read more

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