Can You Paint Over Bed Liner?

To discover if you can paint over bed liners and how easy it will be, first understand what it is. A truck bed liner like Rhino lining is a spray-on rugged coating (in the form of plastic mold) used to protect a truck’s bed from … Read more

Removing the Speed Limiter – Is It Safe? 


The speed limiter is a device that is installed on the vehicle to limit its maximum speed. This is usually for safety reasons, to prevent the driver from going too fast and causing an accident. In some cases, the speed limiter may also be used … Read more

Racing Car Spoilers – What Does It Do?


Racing car spoilers have been a popular topic of debate for as long as cars have raced. Some people claim that they provide downforce and grip, while others say they are only used for the show. Let’s take a closer look at what racing car … Read more

Organic vs. Ceramic vs. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads


Brake pads are an essential part of any vehicle’s braking system. Since they are responsible for providing the friction that stops the wheels from turning, they take a lot of abuse in the process.  When the time comes for replacement, it’s essential to choose the … Read more

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