How to Sell Your Junk Cars Online To Avail Maximum Cash?

The old and junk vehicle usually becomes a burden for the vehicle owners but these can now be easily exchanged with good cash with the help of dealers present online.

As there are many good companies online, it is made possible for you that you get the best price for your car when you are looking to sell it fast.

The best thing is you can easily find the scrap yards in your city or you can research it on the internet and they will pay you for the junk car removal process.

When considering the car scraping option, all you need to do is give a phone call, the services will straight-away come to your place with the help of eligible truck drivers, the scrap car is removed without any hassles.

Online there are so many scrap car yards where you can find effective and easy to avail junk car selling services.

You will get a chance to avail yourself of the cash offers for free car removal which will make this process even more beneficial for you.

Steps to Getting the Most Cash from Your Junk Car

Many of you know it is easy to sell your junk car, but the real skill lies in getting the best value for your car. For this, you need to spend time doing deeper research.

Follow the steps below for selling your junk car:

1- Find a junk buyer

With the internet at your fingertips, it is easy to type and search in google by typing a few statements like “Sell Junk car near my area” or “Selling your junk car for good cash”.

Within a few seconds, you will be displayed with tons of information about different junk car buyers

Out of that, select 3 or 5 junk car buyers and ask them for a quote. They will generally say the price varies and will ask for more information from you like:

  • Make, Year, and Model of your car
  • Damages, if any
  • Possess a proper title or not

Answering questions like this will save time both for you and the junk car buyer.

Many junk car buyers offer a free towing facility and finally quote a price lower than what you expected.

In the end, you too would agree to the lower quote on considering the charges you need to pay for re-towing it back to your place.

Stay cautious and be aware of this bait employed by junk car buyers to lure customers.

2- Check their licenses and customer reviews

Make sure the junk car buyers are licensed and have a permit to operate. You can inquire them to show their license and permit certificate or pay a visit in-person to look.

Apart from this, you can also search online like “Best junk car buyers” etc., You will be loaded with a list of different junk car buyers.

Once you have selected a few among the many, browse the reviews or feedback of customers.

This will give you an idea about the buyer and you can decide accordingly. Also, scout on their social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, etc.,

In this online era, if there a junk car buyers without any online presence like websites or social pages, it is better to stay away from them.

3- Think before you act on your final decision

Having got the quotes and other offers like free towing or not – it is time for you to calculate the price considering the above factors.

If your junk car is still in driveable condition, towing or not is going to bother you.

Having decided to scrap your junk car, there are a few things to which you should pay attention before selling it for cash.

Personal Items

Always do a thorough search on your car before selling it and look for important items like jewelry, stand-by keys, valuable documents, etc.

Who knows you might also come across the things which you had been searching for a long time sneaking inside your car.

Parts of the car 

Apart from your personal things, there are parts in your car like batteries, wheels, radio, alternators, motors, fuel, etc. which are worth a few more bucks when sold separately or you can use it for your own use.

Many don’t do remove these parts due to wanting of time or simply lack of expertise in removing it.

In such scenarios, you can consider taking help from your friends or neighbors.

Even if you have a decent amount of gasoline left, you can transfer it to an air-tight container and store it in a cool dry place.

License plate removal 

You may wonder what you are going to do with your number plates if it is going to be junked.

As per law, it is mandatory to remove your license plates and hand them over to the DMV as proof of your car got junked.

Close your car insurance

It is wise to cancel any live insurance and find if you are eligible for any refund of insurance already paid.

This saves auto-debit of insurance premium amount at future dates.

Letting the insurance companies know about junking your cars, also helps to maintain a good rapport with them as they may provide good offers for your next or new car.

Get a minimum of three quotes

You first approach your mechanic to get a rough estimate of how much worth is your junk car.

Contact different junk car buyers and request a minimum of 3 quotes at least.

There will not be huge variance and but you should be skilled enough to strike a favorable deal while negotiating.

Take into account, towing charges as well. This is not necessary for a driveable car.

Remove parts other than metal

The mostly metallic part of the cars are bought in junkyards and few also buy the car as a whole if it is in a better condition.

To junk only metallic components, it is good to remove the plastic parts, seats, windows, mirrors, glasses, etc with the help of your friends or mechanic.

Certified Weighing Scale

Make sure the junkyards use only certified weighing scales for weight calculation.

They quote prices per ton and you can calculate the money due to you accordingly.

4- Set a pickup time

Since many junkyards provide the free-towing facility, talk to them and fix the right time to pick up either on the same day or another at your convenience.

Even if you have left any valuables inside your car due to a last-minute rush, don’t worry.

These junk car buyers can offer you a good rate for them as well or else you can keep it with you for your use.

5- Complete the paperwork and get your cash

In the absence of clear paper records and proper title, it is not easy to sell your car for a good amount.

But still, you can sell it for less value since some companies accept junk cars without titles.

Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) can assist you in canceling the title in your name in case if your junk car gets stolen before being brought to the junkyard and crushed.

You won’t be disturbed in the name of investigations as well.

If your car is over 15 years, you are not allowed to renew your title in some states.

The paperwork process varies from state to state with some rules and regulations.

Junk car buyers also guide you in this process or they can direct you to an expert who can do complete this process smoothly.

Once this is done, it’s time for you to get the much-awaited cash for your junk car, in case of a proper title.

Make sure to get it in full as per the deal. In the absence of any claim, they will use a check.

6- Notify DMV and follow up with the junk buyer

After getting money for your car, now is the time to follow up keenly to make sure your title has been transferred to avoid any legal troubles in the future.

Inform the DMV that you have scrapped, or sold your old car accordingly.

Inform them in person or through a customer care representative or by calling.

After a few days, call DMV to confirm the transfer of title. If the title has not yet been transferred, follow up with the junk car buyer to complete it without further delay.

How Do You Know if it’s Time to Junk Your Car?

You have to be aware of the signs that indicate whether your car is ready to junk or not.
Some of the indicators are as follows:

Age – If the car is old, it is time to scrap it.

But this is not the case always, as new cars can also get scrapped even before the old cars if they keep giving troubles and they cannot be fixed.

Damage – If there is more damage to the cars due to an accident or any parts are missing, it is right to junk them.

Value of the car – If the market price of the car is not worthy and less than 500$, it is wise to scrap it.

Car parking- If your car is simply occupying the parking lot space and not used regularly, instead of paying a parking rent, you can junk it and it will free up the parking space as well.

Introspect yourself by asking a few questions:

  • Is my car idle most of the time and not used frequently?
  • Is the title of my car good and proper?
  • Do I have any fear to drive my car?
  • Is there enough safety for my car?
  • Is anyone interested to buy my car?

There is always some risk when you drive your junk car.

There are chances for a breakdown of it anytime and anywhere.

You won’t like to get trapped in an isolated area due to a breakdown. If you drive it at a nominal speed, there can be some risk.

If you would have tried to install baby or car seats, you must have failed in it as old cars are not made for it.

New cars also can get junked due to natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, or damage caused due to accidents.

So, there is no specific factor based on which you should junk your car. It depends on various factors and you have to decide accordingly.

How Much Cash Can You Get for Your Old Junk Car?

Locating a junk car buyer is not a difficult task, all that matters is how many dollars it can fetch you.

This is a tricky situation and is imbibed in the very nature of this junkyard market.

The reality is most of the time you get paid less than what you estimated.

Although its price can vary between $100 to $20,000, the rate varies depending on the make, model, year, and condition.

This means unless it’s a classic luxury vehicle, generally, you can expect to get in between $100 to $500 cash for your regular junk car.

Despite all these, finally, it boils down to the weight of the metal, the heavier the metal, the more you will be paid.

The residual value of a junk car is usually around 20 to 30 percent of its current market rate. It is wise to get many quotes from different junk car buyers before finalizing the price.

1- Vehicle Location

Where your car is put up is important. If you are near to the junkyard, towing distance, if any, will be less.

It means more money to you as there are no towing charges.

The local market value of scrap, metal, and popularity of your car in your locality.

2- Vehicle make, model, and year

The make, year, and model of your junk car can determine its price.

This plays a small role as many cars are crushed finally.

But in case if there are missing parts, which when fitted can make the car run again on roads.

With the latest cars getting released every year, parts of old cars are not of use and that’s why old model cars are scrapped at a lesser price.

Being fuel-conscious and eco-friendly – the latest cars are made of plastic parts and as a result, old car parts find no use.

3- Condition

Cars in good working condition with a neat and attractive look can fetch you more bucks compared to old and rusty cars.

4- Scrap metal price

Above all factors, only the weight of the metal in your car plays an important.

So, literally, you are selling metal. At present, the rate of scrap metal is diving down. So the scrap metal price will affect your selling price.

Before selling, shoot yourselves a few more questions like…

  • Is the car in running condition?
  • Is it old or still has demand in the market?
  • What is the make, year, and model of the car?

Final Thoughts

The easy process to sell your junk cars online will keep you away from junk treasuring situations and it is also an environmentally friendly way to get rid of the old useless vehicles.

Online scrap car services will also offer you a quick valuation of your vehicle and give you information about the amount of money that they can give for your junk car.

With them, you don’t need to wait for application approval or payment approval-related procedures because here you will get simple and quick old and useless car selling services which will provide you at time cash in your hand!

So, what is the delay for? Get rid of your useless junk vehicles today and get a good price quote for them.

Just in case you don’t like to do all these things for selling your junk car, you can simply donate it.

Many charitable organizations are ready to accept your junk car and make cash for them by selling it.

In return, you are eligible for tax deduction to the extent your junk car fetched in the sale and you also get a sense of satisfaction by serving the poor.

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