Why Does My Car Temperature Gauge Go Up and Down While Driving?


You’re driving along, enjoying a beautiful day when you notice your car’s temperature gauge suddenly starts rising and falling. What could be causing this? And more importantly, what should you do about it? Keep reading to find out! Reasons for Temperature Gauge Fluctuations Most modern … Read more

Is Active Fuel Management Bad for Engine?


Engines are amazing pieces of machinery. Over the years, we’ve seen engines grow more and more complex as manufacturers strive to create a product that is both efficient and reliable. While there are many factors that go into creating a good engine, one of the … Read more

What Happens if You Put Sugar in a Gas Tank?

Sugar, like other sediments, may block the fuel injectors or the fuel filter if there is an excessive amount of it.  This may need the replacement of the fuel filter or possibly the emptying of the fuel tank. This implies it’s a terrible trick that … Read more

Is it Safe to Drive With a Bad Belt Tensioner?

A belt tensioner is a device that keeps the engine belts tight and in proper alignment. The tensioner applies the correct amount of tension to the belts so they can do their job properly. If the tensioner isn’t working, the belts can slip or break, … Read more

Ecoboost vs. Hemi – Which Engine is Better & Safer?

While both have been popular for many years, the Hemi and the Ecoboost are mechanically distinct engines with distinct strengths and disadvantages.  Is one of them superior to the other? Continue reading this article as we break down both the popular engines piece by piece … Read more

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