Hi friends, welcome in!

Myself John Paterson.

John Paterson at wamcars

I began my writing journey in 2009 after my graduation (from Utah Valley University), when I found myself passionate about cars, automotive, RVs, caravans and bikes.

Back at that time, I had no idea that I will be able to make my career in the field I have passion for – my dad always wanted me to be a chemical engineer and I don’t love the chemicals.

But due to financial problems in family (and the eternal love I have for old & new vehicles) I worked as a mechanic with my uncle in his garage.

I was not very good at writing blogs then, but it’s my passion that kept me involved.

What I learn in the garage during the daytime – I used to write something about that on my blog at night.

And thankfully, the journey continues to grow!!!

During this journey, I have also written for a few online publications as well, in a similar niche.

Currently, I own my personal garage shop in Utah, where I love working as a mechanic.

I have tried my hands on not only old inexpensive cars but also on models like BMW, Ford, Tesla, Bugatti, and others.

After a long haul from writing, I am again back with expanding my blog and my niche.

Here at WamCars I love to write everything and anything related to automobile.

Keeping in mind the questions I get from my customers daily; I try to answer them here which I think will be useful to my visitors and several readers.

Besides, I always try to make my contents in-depth and easy to understand with instructions and step-by step guides wherever possible.

Thanks for reading all these at Wam Cars and cheers!

Sincerely yours, John Paterson.

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