How To Change Your Car’s Battery – Without Losing Settings

Have you noticed that your car isn’t performing well as it once did – resulting in giving bad mileage and performance?

This is one of the biggest signs, that it’s time for your car’s battery to be replaced.

And what happens is whenever you try changing the battery of your car, you run the risk of losing all your settings.


Because in your car, automakers apply anti-theft settings.

The radio transmission of your car gets disabled when it gets disconnected from the battery. And you won’t be able to use it unless you input a special security code.

This may end up costing you a ton of money if you don’t care for such memory settings beforehand.

Thankfully after reading this article, you will become a pro in changing the car’s battery and that too while keeping all the memory safe or catapulting any financial expenses.

So, let’s tune in…

How To Change Car Battery Without Losing Settings

When to Change Car Battery?

It’s wise to get your battery replaced before you need it. But, if the battery isn’t fully dead, how can you know when it’s time to replace it?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for the life of the battery, but there are signs that tell it’s time to replace it.

Some of those signs are:

a) Engine Cranks Slowly:

An automobile engine that is slow to start or requires many attempts to start is a clear indication that your battery is nearing the end of its life.

b) Battery Light with Illumination:

If this light is illuminated, it should not be disregarded.

There are several reasons why your battery light may illuminate, but many of them indicate a problem with the charging mechanism.

c) The Battery Case is Bloated:

This commonly occurs when your battery has been overcharged or exposed to extreme temperatures.

A battery that is unusually shaped or bloated is a clear indication that it needs to be replaced.

d) Leakage of Battery Fluid:

If a car battery is overcharged or broken, it will leak, indicating that it is time to replace the battery.

Changing Car Battery Without Losing Memory

Getting it done in most automobiles is a fast and simple task.

You may take it to a reputable mechanic or do it yourself.

To replace the car battery without losing settings, you don’t need much.

Just make sure you’re equipped with proper safety gears and then follow the given steps:

Step 1: Locate the issue

First of all, determine whether or not you require a battery replacement.

Most of the time it’s not the battery that your car isn’t working properly.

Sulfate buildup is a common cause of this.

It might accumulate some pale or blue residue surrounding the terminal.

Getting rid of it might help to resolve difficulties with defective batteries.

Common indications include:

  • A leaky seal throughout the battery connector
  • Acid leakage

Step 2: Select the appropriate battery size

Take the correct engine size information, the name, and the model number of your car to the nearest automobile spare parts store.

They will best assist you in determining the correct battery size.

car battery removal without losing settings

Step 3: Connect to a backup power source

You can use the auxiliary power source in two different ways.

A jump pack, jump leads, and a 12V auxiliary battery can be used.

A 12V battery may be purchased at a very low cost from the supermarket or auto shops.

Many individuals prefer to utilize the memory-saving device, but experts believe it’s not required.

Furthermore, by saving erroneous codes, it can wreak havoc on the protective setting.

As a result, you should choose to utilize a 12-volt battery for a backup power supply.

Now is the time to get the jump wires connected to the backup battery.

Attach the red and black wires to the +ve and -ve terminals of your auxiliary battery on the floor.

Then connect the lead ends that attach to the main power supply with the crocodile pins.

Step 4: Take out the battery

As the secondary power has been established, it is safe to get the battery removed.

To remove the clamp safely, utilize a socket to unscrew the nuts that are responsible to hold the battery.

Now the battery is not physically connected to anything and you may disconnect the battery’s lead.

Now, the bolts can be loosened out which holds the clamp of the battery leads using your socket set.

Then, remove the -ve lead from the present battery with extreme caution and always maintain the crocodile pins attached to your backup power supply.

Now carefully disconnect all of the leads and carefully remove the battery.

Step 5: Install the new battery

Do it but make sure to not touch the lead that is presently powering your vehicle.

Attach red to +ve terminal and black to the -ve terminal of the new battery.

Remove the crocodile pins from the leads once they have been connected.

Then, tighten the nuts, disconnect the secondary power source and replace the clamp.

Now, start your car’s engine to ensure that the batteries, as well as the setting, are in good working order.

If you did it properly, congratulations.

Important Tips to Buy a New Car Battery Online

When it is time to buy a car battery, it is important that you consider a few tips for buying a car battery.

The price of the battery should be one of your priority concerns when you are looking for a new battery for your car.

While considering this, you should also remember that the performance of the batteries varies according to their price.

On the whole performance of the battery should be in proportion to the price of the battery.

Generally required electricity to run the car effectively is much lower than the real electric load.

If there are customized changes in the car by adding a few accessories, the battery power you require might be a little stronger to accommodate the electric needs of the automobile.

If this is the case, you may have to pay a high price when compared to the price of a battery from the manufacturer.

A few other important things you need to consider while buying a good powerful car battery include:

  • If you are looking for a car battery with good performance, you should purchase the one with the bigger size.
  • Last but not the least; you should also consider the warranty that is given by the seller for its patrons. However, it depends on the price you pay to the seller.

Final Thoughts

Car batteries can be hazardous if they are incorrectly exposed to materials such as lead, acid, and plastic.

As a result, never put these batteries in the same recycling container as conventional household batteries.

And the best thing is that some stores now provide a monetary exchange for your lifeless battery.

Furthermore, many municipal battery recycling stations will accept automotive batteries for disposal at no cost.

And this is how you change the battery of your car without risking any lost settings.

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