Tips for DIY Headlight Restoration Using Homemade Cleaners

Maintaining a car correctly is an art as it requires your interest and determination.

If you like to move in a clean and good looking car you will have to take care of it and maintain it properly from time to time.

From among the various things to be taken care of, one small thing is the glimpse of the car’s headlights.

Numerous car owners are worried about the way the headlights of their car looks.

Many times, these may look to be extremely dull and foggy – even right after normal washing and waxing.

So, how to keep them clean and shiny? Let’s check out some great tips and household cleaning agents…

Car Headlight Restoration Tips

1- Cleaning Headlights with Vinegar

No worries, when you have white vinegar and warm water at your disposal.

In a few hours, you can be damn sure of getting back a showroom like headlights for your car.

Required Items:

  • Warm water
  • Rough sponge
  • White Vinegar
  • Soft Cloth
  • Plain Cooking spray

Steps to follow:

The first step is to take off the headlight cover and submerge it completely in white vinegar.

Let it soak in it for an hour at least, allowing the white vinegar to act on it to its fullest potential.

White vinegar’s acidic nature helps to peel off the hard-coated dusty layer by loosening it.

Once you feel it has been loosened, use a rough cloth to remove the flakes and put back the headlight cover on.

Not only it does remove the dirt, but it also helps to restore the scratch-free look on your headlights.

The process is almost similar with some little tweaks here and there. After the soaking process, rinse it out fully and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Spray some simple cooking spray on the headlights. It serves the dual purpose of cleaning as well as making the headlight shine.

Use a very soft cloth to buff it for a sparkling shine. Utmost care should be taken not to create further scratches.

In simple words, you have to treat it carefully like you treat your eyeglasses.

2- Clean Headlights with Your Toothpaste

In case if you imagine or compare your grimy headlights to teeth, then you will come to know the answer to cleaning your headlights.

Yes, it is your toothpaste.

You may wonder how it can save and rebuild the long-lost shine of your headlights, but in reality, it works.

Required Items:

  • Soft Cloth and
  • Tooth Paste

Steps to Follow:

The instructions are quite simple and similar to the one you daily while brushing your teeth.

Instead of a toothbrush, you are going to use a soft cloth.

Squeeze out some quantity of toothpaste and put it in the middle of your headlights.

Use the soft cloth to rub the toothpaste gently in a circular motion, beginning from the middle and extending towards all corners of the headlight.

Do this until all the toothpaste in the headlight is used completely.

Also, perform this process a few more times until you get the desired results.

3- Cleaning Headlights with a Bug Spray

Bug spray is not only for keeping bugs at bay from your car but it can also be used to keep clean that yellowish hue in your headlights.

If you think it is a rumor, now is the time for you to put it to the test. Let’s get on it.

Required Items:

  • Soft Cloth and
  • Bug Spray

Steps to follow:

Cleaning dirty headlights are easy with bug spray.

All you have to do is to spray it on the headlights and using a soft cloth, rub it in small circular trends with gentle pressure.

This process eliminates the worn-out plastic materials hinging onto the headlight due to dust and UV rays.

Finally, you get a shiny flashy headlight.

how to clean headlight using baking soda

4- Using Baking Soda as a Headlight Cleaner

The use of baking soda never runs short.

Being used as a reliable household remedy for many years for various issues – can also be used to clean your headlights.

As an additional benefit, it will remove the paints in your fog lights if you wish to apart from cleaning headlights.

Since it can rip off the paint, make sure it won’t come in contact with the paint in the car’s body.

Required Items:

  • Baking Soda
  • Soft Cloth
  • Warm Water
  • Sponge and
  • Bowl

Steps to follow: 

Take baking soda of about 5 tablespoons and put it in the bowl.

Add warm water of the required amount to create a semi-solid paste.

Do some general cleaning on your headlights before applying this paste.

Dip a corner of the sponge on the paste and apply it to headlights.

To give a polished look, rub the soft cloth on the headlights containing the paste material in a circular motion.

You need not exert more pressure while rubbing as the abrasive nature of baking soda will do the necessary task.

Repeat this step multiple times until you are satisfied with its shiny look.

Due to its fierce reaction with paint, always be cautious in not letting it come in contact with the car’s paint.

Finally, rinse the headlights once with soap water and pat it dry. You are all set to witness your bright headlights again.

5- Making A DIY Headlight Cleaner with Dish Soap

Look nowhere else but turn to your household dish soap this time to create bright magic on your headlights.

Much to your surprise, this DIY household solution provides a shiny look to your headlights.

Required Items:

  • Dish soap
  • Bucket
  • Sponge and
  • Warm water

Steps to follow:

Always double-check before using your household remedy – beams are clear.

Sponge and dish soap water is the easiest combination of all to wash your headlights and rear lights.

To make it easier, cleanse your headlights first and let them soak in warm water for a few minutes.

This will enable easier scrubbing to get rid-off rubbish formed in the headlights, making it dull. Follow circular motions for easy scaling of residue and rinse out thoroughly.

TOP TIP: Salt + Dish soap also works great

Having known the effect of dish soaps on headlight cleaning, I can hear your mind’s voice looking for ways to make it more effective.

All you need to do is add salt to the above-mentioned ingredients.

Required Items:

  • Dish soap
  • Bucket
  • Bowl
  • Sponge
  • Salt and
  • Warm water

Steps to follow:

Take a bowl and pour warm water on the mixture of dish soap and salt in it.

Submerge your headlights completely and let them soak in them.

This mixture will work strongly on the dirt settled on the headlights as they are even capable of removing the grease.

The addition of salt gives an abrasive property to the mixture to remove the grime and hues attached to the lens of the headlight.

Use a sponge to rub it gently once the soaking process is done.

6- Cleaning Foggy and Yellow Headlights with Denatured Alcohol

There are times where you would have even forgotten the real fresh look of the headlights.

You would have never thought of this item in your bathroom shelf – denatured alcohol – would be a superstar, when it comes to getting rid of the moldy and yellowish layer that fogged your headlights for a long time.

Required Items:

  • Soft rag and
  • Denatured alcohol

Steps to follow:

Use soap water to lather your headlights and pat it dry after rinsing well.

Buy denatured alcohol from a nearby store and dowse only the corner of soft rag into it.

Using this solution, rub it gently on your headlights, till it wards off the yellowish tone completely. Rinse and dry your headlights again.

To give an additional layer of protection, apply car wax coating on your headlights.

To apply this coating use a soft rag and polish headlights with wax in a circular trend. Do buffing after a few minutes.

7- Replace Or Use Headlight Restoration Kit – If All Fails

Unfortunately, there are several men and women who had already spent great amounts on their headlights restoration only to find that it does not work at all.

You, therefore, need to do some research and try the methods that really work for you.

One great option to improve the condition of your headlights is to entirely replace the headlight lens along with car bulbs.

But as this can be an expensive affair, most folks prefer not to do this or consider it as a last resort.

The major drawback of headlights replacement stands out as the fact that you cannot replace just one lens or bulb.

Fortunately, there is an item such as a headlight restoration kit that can work great for DIY headlight lens restoration.

It not only saves you good cash and time spent but also can restore the former luster that has been lost very efficiently.

Besides using a restoration kit for getting your headlights and lenses restored, there are also many firms available that specialize in removing the lenses and restoring them to high quality.

Typically they will buff and polish to restore the former clarity and get rid of scratches and dings and remove discoloration on a surface very professionally.

If you think you cannot get involved in DIY methods it is best to get these services to save your time and energy.

The Conclusion

It’s difficult and irritating for anyone to drive with foggy headlights will dull lights.

Because chances of mishaps are high due to dull vision.

To address this, you can now follow a variety of DIY projects that helps your headlights to restore the lost sheen.

Pick the best one from the above list and I hope you do not have to suffer the dangers of dull and foggy lights ever again.

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