Cash For Your Car! When and How?

cash for car

Keeping an old car around is unsightly and a hassle.

One of the best ways to get rid of a vehicle you’re no longer using is to take advantage of one of the many cash-for-cars programs in your area.

As such there are three major options for ridding yourself of an unused automobile.

  1. The first is donating the car to charity. While this may not specifically be a cash-in-hand situation, the tax write-off is one of the best ways to keep cash in your pocket from the get-go.
  2. Another option is you can go the auction route.
  3. And, finally, to call a junking or towing company.

All these three options will get you cash for your car easily so we have detailed some tips in detail below.

1- Donating

When donating a vehicle, consider contacting your favorite local or national charities to find out if they offer a cash-for-cars donation option.

You may be surprised at how many small, local charitable organizations are set up to accept car donations.

Check with your tax preparer to ensure that the charity’s 501c(3) designation is applicable to your taxes for the year.

Prepare the vehicle by giving it a quick wash and interior cleaning and vacuuming. The charity may opt to auction the vehicle so getting it to them in decent condition is ideal.

You may have to drive or tow the vehicle to a secondary location unless the charity has a pick-up option. Find out details and get your donation letter from the organization to ensure you can apply it come tax time.

2- Auction Selling

Selling your old car, truck, van, or even RV at an auction is a more involved process but can potentially net a much greater profit.

You have the option to accept only cash at local auction sites. You also have the opportunity to tweak your profits by submitting a car that’s clean and looks good externally.

If your vehicle needs paint or there are dents popped, consider getting these cheap aesthetic repairs done before going to car auctions.

Clean the tires and windshields, as well. A clean appearance will boost your chances of selling to a motivated buyer.

3- Towing Company

If the above two options do not work for you or you want some good cash fast, you can also try to get in contact with a junking or towing company.

Simply driving around town is also a good way to find out where to sell your car at junkyard prices.

Often, tow trucks will boast cash for junk cars option on the bed of their trailer.

You might also call around and check the yellow pages and backs of local newspapers to find an automotive reseller in your area.

The company will take the title and hand you a few hundred dollars cash straightaway.

This is one of the simplest, most cut-and-dry avenues when selling a car for cash. The low-hassle option of selling the car to a junkyard or parts yard is fast and easy.

Important Things To Do Before Selling Your Car

When it comes to selling the old luxurious car, most people do not get the right value.

But anyhow, for this kind of car, you do expect to derive maximum value, right?

So, what parameters will you look for – the make, model, and, most importantly, the right dealer?

As there are many companies who deal in buying and selling old cars, you may need to research a lot.

In fact, there is very little scope for getting the right deal without being cheated, When you want to sell your old car to get hard cash in return.

But there are still dealers in the industry who go the extra mile to ensure you get the best deal and are completely satisfied.

They buy old cars from the car owners, and the prices are fixed according to the condition of these cars.

However before you go and sell your car with these dealers online, we recommend checking the few tips below which will help you get the best deal and best price for your old car.

1- Get quick car valuations

Presently there is various car valuations company that can help provide you with the valuations for your car before you sell. Besides providing quick valuations online, they can help with these services also…

  • Family law proceedings
  • Agreed value insurance
  • Liquidation
  • Pre-purchase assessment
  • Impending sale
  • Imported vehicles and vessels

So you should get in contact with them and get all the help you need.

2- Check your car’s exteriors and interiors

Before you sell your car, it is good to check the interiors as well as exteriors of the car carefully.

The body, panel, finish of the color, door hinges, seats, ignition switch, engine oils, carpeting, etc should be carefully inspected and repaired if found faulty.

Rust, odor, dents, or scratches, if found on your car, should also be immediately attended at once.

To get a good price for your old car, it is also good to ensure that the sound system in your vehicle is working well.

3- Check the documentation and get them updated if required

The next important thing will be to make sure that your car has all the completed documentation.

The papers like car registration, vehicle insurance, ownership transfer, etc. should be in order and in place.

If not, you should get the vehicle registration renewal and other papers ready before you sell your car. This will avoid hassle for you as well as for buyers.

Besides the above, it is important that you get your maintenance records ready which will help you to demonstrate that you as a responsible car owner have taken proper care of your car since you have owned it.

Final Thoughts

There is no lack of possibilities and options on the internet when it comes to selling your car.

In fact, selling and buying old cars is a business that is getting much popular online for people all around the world.

Most importantly, you need to get the right value for your vehicle when you are trying to sell it at the highest possible price.

From the above, you can pick any one of the routes, and hopefully, that will result in good cash for your car. Happy selling!

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