Can You Use a Hybrid Car to Jump-Start Another Car?

how to jump a hybrid car

If you are new to the world of hybrid and fully electric cars, you may have some questions about the battery, or, more specifically, jumping another car using its battery.

Hybrid and electric vehicles have two batteries, but only a hybrid design comes with more than one way of delivering power to the engine.

The main battery in an electric or hybrid car is a large pack of lithium-ion batteries usually located beneath the seat.

The other battery is a 12-volt battery that is specifically meant to power the small motors and AC in the car.

Can hybrid cars jump-start another car?

Yes, you can jump-start a traditional car with a hybrid car.

Not only is it both practically and theoretically possible to do so, but your internal combustion engine is also able to jump-start the hybrid car in return.

Hybrids are a combination of electric and fossil fuel-driven cars, unlike fully electric automobiles.

All hybrids can run on either fuel or fuel or battery, except a plug-in hybrid that uses a large battery to run the entire car.

Since hybrid cars can rely on their internal combustion engine to run the vehicle if the battery dies, they can be jump-started with ease.

The secondary battery in the car can also run out of power in the way that a regular engine can.

Even so, jump-starting an internal combustion engine using a hybrid car is a bit different from doing the same by way of another internal combustion car.

how to drive a hybrid car with a dead battery

How do you jump-start an internal combustion engine using a hybrid car?

To begin, you’ll need to make sure you have jumper cables, as well as gloves and an electricity source, like a hybrid car.

Once you have these at the ready, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Put on a pair of gloves and ready the jumper cables.

Step 2.

Park both of the cars face-to-face, meaning with the fronts facing one other. Engage the emergency brakes and shut off the engines in the vehicles.

Step 3.

Find the 12-volt battery in the hybrid. They are somewhat hard to find, and many of them are protected in plastic housing.

Step 4.

Determine which is the positive post and which is the negative post. You can do this by looking for the terminal signs found on the battery heads.

Step 5.

Start the car and wait five minutes before jumping the vehicle.

Step 6.

After the jump-started car is running, you can turn off the hybrid and remove the jumper cables.

Jumping a traditional internal combustion engine with a hybrid car is possible and is similar to jumping two internal combustion engines.

The only difference is finding the battery in the hybrid car, which can be a bit trickier.

Otherwise, by following the steps above, you should have no problem jump-starting another car using a hybrid model.

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