Can You Use a Hybrid to Jump-Start Regular Vehicle?

can a hybrid car jump start a regular car

If you are new to the world of hybrid and fully electric cars, you may have some questions about the battery, or, more specifically, jumping another car using its battery.

Hybrid and electric vehicles have two batteries, but only a hybrid design comes with more than one way of delivering power to the engine.

The main battery in an electric or hybrid car is a large pack of lithium-ion batteries usually located beneath the seat.

The other battery is a 12-volt battery that is specifically meant to power the small motors and AC in the car.

Can Hybrid Jump-Start a Regular Car?

Yes, you can jump-start a traditional car with a hybrid car as long as its 12-volt battery is in working condition and properly charged.

Not only is it both practically and theoretically possible to do so, but your internal combustion engine is also able to jump-start the hybrid car in return.

Hybrids are a combination of electric and fossil fuel-driven cars, unlike fully electric automobiles.

All hybrids can run on either fuel or fuel or battery, except a plug-in hybrid that uses a large battery to run the entire car.

Since hybrid cars can rely on their internal combustion engine to run the vehicle if the battery dies, they can be jump-started with ease.

The secondary battery in the car can also run out of power in the way that a regular engine can.

Even so, jump-starting an internal combustion engine using a hybrid car is a bit different from doing the same by way of another internal combustion car.

how to jump a car from a prius

How Do You Jump-Start a Car with Hybrid?

To begin, you’ll need to make sure you have jumper cables, as well as gloves and an electricity source, like a hybrid car.

I also recommend getting a car manual handy along with tools like a jack, wheel spanner, fire extinguisher, and a tire sealant.

You may not need all of them in the process, but it’s good to keep them handy.

Once you have all these tools at the ready, you can follow the steps below to jump-start a car with a hybrid:

Step 1.

Put on a pair of gloves and ready the jumper cables.

Then park both of the cars face-to-face, meaning with the fronts facing one other. Engage the emergency brakes and shut off the engines in the vehicles.

Step 2.

Find the 12-volt battery in the hybrid. It’s somewhat hard to find, and many of them are protected in plastic housing. But you can find it if look carefully.

After you have found it, determine which is the positive post and which is the negative post.

You can do this by looking for the terminal signs found on the battery heads.

Step 3.

Now, start the car and wait five minutes before you jump the vehicle.

After the jump-started car is running, you can turn off the hybrid and remove the jumper cables.

Jump Start Prius Hybrid

Can You Jump Start a Hybrid with Another Car?

Now, this is exactly the opposite of what we talked about above.

There can be instances when your Prius battery runs down or stops working – maybe because you left the lights on overnight.

And all you have is a regular gas-powered car in good condition nearby to jumpstart.

From what I have found from people talking on various forums, you can practically jump-start your hybrid battery with another regular car.

Remember that the main battery in hybrid is a 650v which is generally used to power various elements in the car.

But it’s the 12-volt battery that simply runs the user interface, much similar to that used in a regular gas-powered car.

So, if the 12-volt battery of your hybrid turns out to be faulty or discharged, you can jump-start it to get the car running.

Things To Check Before You Jump Start

I understand it’s very disappointing when you get into your car in the morning to only find that the engine does not start because the battery has been exhausted.

But, before you plan to jump-start, I recommend you double-check if you really need it.

Because if the battery hasn’t discharged much and you still try to jump-start, it can do more damage to your car than good.

Here are a few signs you will most likely need to check, which will tell if there’s something really wrong with your car battery that has drained it completely.

  • Check engine light if it’s on
  • Car engine doesn’t crank and no lights on the dashboard
  • Your car engine is making some sound without getting started

A jump-start is often required in these scenarios.

But if it doesn’t help, you will need to get your car’s battery replaced. Make sure you do it yourself only if you know how to do it or else get it done by a professional.

Final Thoughts

A jump start (also called “boost”) in simple terms is a way to start your vehicle when its battery is dead or below the threshold that’s required to start the engine.

You can jump-start a vehicle with another car if its battery is charged and in good condition.

Jumping a traditional internal combustion engine with a hybrid car is possible and is similar to jumping two internal combustion engines.

The only difference is finding the battery in the hybrid car, which can be a bit trickier.

Otherwise, by following the steps above, you should have no problem jump-starting another car using a hybrid model.

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