How to Turn Your Garage into a Spray Booth?

An auto spray booth (or a paint spray booth) is simply an area where you can spray paint your car, bikes, or other vehicles without worrying about the over sprays.

With these booths in place, you can actually control or avoid the paint sprays from getting on surfaces where you do not intend to paint on.

An advanced of these auto spray booths often comes with a filter that supplies clean air to help catch up the contaminants and other debris in the filter and prevent them from landing on the wet paint.

Most of them also have an inbuilt ventilation system that keeps the hazardous paint fumes from being breathed in when you are working inside the booth.

How to Turn Garage into Spray Booth

The only drawback of a paint spray booth is it cost much and is very expensive to purchase and get installed.

A great alternative is however to build one in your garage so that you can turn your place into a functional spray booth.

For building this, you will need to follow the steps as below with extreme caution…

Step 1 – Clear the garage

Start by removing everything and clearing up the garage space.

You will need to remove all the things lying on the floor, hung on the walls, or kept on the shelves.

Then clean the space with a broom or a vacuum to remove all the dirt and dust.

Make sure you also clean the walls and ceilings to get rid of all the dirt or cobwebs out there.

Step 2 – Give the space a good rinse

Next, you will need to rinse the garage floor and remove the debris that has remained.

Use warm water, liquid soap detergent, and a sponge to wash down the flooring and walls well.

This will remove any loose dirt along with any soot that can land on the car’s surface while spraying and can affect the finishing.

Step 3 – Cover all the items and create ventilation

After you have cleaned your garage well, it’s time to cover all the items that you want to keep inside the garage.

Use a high-quality plastic tarp that can help protect the items from getting overspray when you are spraying.

The cover will also prevent the dust particles that may be present on the items from getting into the air and landing on the car’s surface when painting which will eventually leave ugly spots when the paint gets dried.

Finally, you will need to install box fans on every window and door opening.

Make sure you face them to flow the air outside your garage.

Placing the fans correctly will work to pull all the harmful paint fumes in the air along with light overspray outside.

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