Be Careful to Siphon Gas

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We observe in the media that asphyxiation while cleaning drainages, etc. leads to death, in many cases. Inhaling of diesel/ petrol vapors can cause cancer, slowly. When they are accidental, siphoning a gas or even any other fuel is equivalent to inviting death or some other extreme harm, unless precautionary steps are taken in advance.

Siphon GasWithout knowing how to siphon gas, when you casually siphon gas, the fumes and vapors get into your lungs and digestive systems, causing suffocation, vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, stomach irritation, nerve problems, etc., sometimes leading to swooning, coma or even death. It may affect kidneys and may other side effects also. Another danger is that it may also cause ignition and the flames will cause considerable damage.

If you necessarily have to use a simple siphon with a tube, please be sure to have a transparent hose so that when the gas is to reach near your mouth, you should stock sucking further.

If you use the Super Siphon, it will first safeguard you from inhalation of the hazardous fumes or filling your mouth with gas and also prevent any likely electrical shock and thus any fire risk.

Super siphon consists of good quality hose and good check valve, ensuring one way flow of fluid. You have to follow the instructions, like shaking for the required time. Place the hose in the tank; shake duly as instructed; once the hose is filled, siphoning will start, when you should stop shaking. Repeat the same for siphoning large volumes. You may use the bulb pump siphon, instead of the shaper siphon.

You should be careful to choose the proper gas siphon so as to have it as a safety siphon. Do not go in for cheap ones; go only for approved ones. Preferably use high volume pump and with a long tube and adequate sealing at both the ends. Also, ensure the length of the tube to be as per your needs and not too short or too long.

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