How to Tell if Someone is Siphoning Your Gas?

Gas theft is becoming more common in the US these days.

Believe it or not, thieves on roads are continuously looking for a potential vehicle from which they can easily siphon out the gas.

Unfortunately, there’s no way out there to tell if your gas has been siphoned out of your vehicle.

All you can do is keep a track of your car’s fuel level before you leave it on a street. When you return, make sure that the level is not altered.

If you happen to see any changes in the fuel levels, check for the locking gas cap where there might be scratches or damage present.

These may be likely due to the attempt thieves made to siphon out your gas.

how to tell if someone is siphoning your gas

5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Vehicle from Gas Theft

Most of the time car gas thieves come equipped with a portable pumping station that will also include a power generator, air compressor, super siphon, and a pump capable.

These accessories will allow them to siphon hundreds of gallons of gas from your favorite Nissan, which goes quickly into a heavy-duty tank located in their personal van.

If you really want to avoid these situations, below are the easy steps you can follow to protect your valuable gas…

1- Park Safely

The location where you park your vehicle should be carefully monitored in order to avoid any gas siphoning instances from happening.

Make sure that there is enough lighting if you are parking outside your home like in a supermarket or street.

When at home, it’s recommended to park your car safely in a garage or driveway.

Also, it’s good to avoid parking in public places (like at the airport) for an extended period of time.

2- Shorten the trips

While you cannot avoid emergency situations to park your car overnight at public places, you can easily avoid/control your everyday trips.

Make sure you do not leave your car exposed to thieves all the time.

It’s sometimes good to take the local transportation instead of taking your car for short market visits.

car gas theft

3- Watch the fuel door

If you need to leave the car on the street for a short time, make sure you face it outward on the main road.

This way potential thieves will be less likely to steal the gas out of your car.

4- Get a locking fuel cap

A locking gas cap can be a real savior for your tank load. You should consider installing one, even if your fuel door locks.

Mostly it’s available at below $20. With such a low cost you will not only save the gas but also the tension of getting the fuel stolen.

5- Call your local emergency number immediately

Despite trying all the ways mentioned above, if your gas has been stolen or you are suspicious of any such behavior, it’s good to call the local emergency number immediately.

Possibly, they can help you out in figuring out the thieves and getting the damage back.

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