How to Clean Old Magnesium Wheels and Rims?

No doubt, the tires of cars with their rims enhance the quality of their appearance. Not only just aesthetically but also it improves the performance of cars.

Tires of many cars are today made by using magnesium rims which are not heavy and are good for easy maneuvering.

In short, they are called “Mag rims” or “Mag Wheels” because they are made of Magnesium.

how to clean mag wheels

Originally, they were built especially for racing cars, due to their ergonomic design and lightweight nature.

Over some time, it caught the attention of the general public as well and people started using these Mag wheels for their cars as it improved their car’s look and they loved showing it off.

As time flies by, the definition of “Mag wheels” got bigger and it includes aluminum wheels as well.

Due to the following advantages, like,

  • Lesser weight
  • Good acceleration,
  • Improved steering control and
  • Better braking power

In comparison with steel wheels, Mag wheels are priced slightly higher. Therefore as a substitute, these wheels can also be used.

How to Clean Mag Wheels?

No matter what wheels you use, it’s essential to clean them regularly to get the right performance.

Especially for magnesium wheels and rims, you will need to take good care of them to get the desired outcome from them.

Here are a few easy cleaning steps you can follow…

Step 1- Wash and wipe

To get rid of dust covering the surface of the wheel, use a hose with high pressure for spraying detergent mixed water for easier cleaning.

For wiping, you can use a dry soft cloth.

Step 2- Apply a degreaser

The next step is to apply grease cleaner to the wheel. For areas that are not easy for you to reach, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub them.

For closely fitted areas, you will need to use a stick covered with a cloth to wipe down the grease.

The purpose of using a soft cloth is to avoid any scratches, which might become visible if left unnoticed.

Step 3- Sand lightly and clean

Next, do a light sanding to close any marks, and don’t be too harsh as it can lead to scratches.

Finally, use a quality cleaning mixture to apply on the wheels and use a buffer pad to rub it thoroughly.

You can use a wheel polish to enhance its shine afterward.


You should take the following precautions while cleaning the mag wheels:

  • Divide the area of the wheel into a few sections and work on it accordingly.
  • Use hand gloves while cleaning and thoroughly wash hands once the cleaning is over.
  • Don’t use any polish that includes anhydrous acids/chemicals or ammonia.

The reason behind this is, when cleaning first, it will give a shiny look but as days fly by, it will give a dull look.


Mag wheels got their name due to the magnanimous looks it provides. So, you have to make sure proper steps are taken in its maintenance.

Clean them at regular intervals to avoid corrosion. If you leave them unnoticed, there are chances for air leakage and finally, it will lead to irreparable damage.

Finally, you will be left with no other choice but to replace both the tire and wheel.

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