How to Clean and Restore Chrome Wheels?

It can be either dust formed during sudden brake, salt deposits due to snow, or road salt on your chrome wheels.

No matter what, it is for sure going to make the wheels look dirty.

Don’t worry over this and relax yourselves as there are ways to guard your chrome wheels from corrosion and other damages.

How to Clean Chrome Wheels

Cleaning and Restoring Chrome Wheels

To clean and restore your chrome wheels as new all you have to do is follow the below steps at regular intervals, say, once in a week or two, to give a brand new shiny look to the chrome wheels.

Step 1- Prepare a cleaning solution

You need to take six cups of a common automobile cleaner and mix it with four cups of water in a container.

Please pay attention to the ratio of mixing.

Step 2- Rub with a sponge

Put a clean sponge into the mixture and soak it well.

Gently rub the wet sponge containing the mixture over the chrome wheels to get rid of the visible dirt and fragile waste fragments.

Step 3- Scrub with a toothbrush

Once you feel the chrome wheels are saturated well, make use of a toothbrush with soft bristles to scrub it.

Employ small circular motions while scrubbing to be effective and make sure your cover all areas of the wheel.

Step 4- Rinse

Once scrubbing is done, rinse it quickly with cool flowing water, and failure to do so will lead to soap spots.

After rinsing, you have to use a lint-free cloth to dry it, to avoid any fluff formation.

Step 5- Polish and wax

After drying it completely, take another new lint cloth and pat it with a polishing material made exclusively for chrome wheels.

You have to follow circular motions while rubbing the wheel, if needed, add further required quantity of polishing material.

The final step is to apply a slim layer of automotive wax by spraying to safeguard it from future damages.

 Precautionary steps to be followed

  • Don’t use coarse material other than a soft toothbrush for scrubbing as it will create scratch marks on the chrome wheel.
  • As far as possible, try to buy cleaning materials from a recognized automotive supply store.
  • Don’t forget to follow the laid down in the label.
  • Wear safety gloves to protect your skin and hand and wash it completely after cleaning.

How Can You Fix Peeling on Chrome-Plated Wheels?

It can be a common sight for you to see many cars using chrome-plated wheels.

In some cases, when you look at them, one thing that stands out from the wheel is the visibly peeled chrome, which affects its look.

There are different ways through which this problem can be addressed.

One such solution is the sealing of the entire chrome wheel to prevent happening of peeling.

You need not be a professional to solve this issue, all you need is the right equipment to complete the task.

Step 1- Go to an auto-mechanic shop and ask them to remove the tire from your wheel.

Step 2- To get rid of the peeling paint or chrome from your chrome wheels, you have to make use of a wire brush lightly.

Step 3- Then buy a wheel sealer having a base of silicone and spray it evenly covering all the areas of the wheel. The full-rim should be sprayed and sealed completely

Step 4- Once this is done, ask the mechanic to put back the tire on your wheels. Don’t forget to do wheel balancing and you are all set to go now.

Whatever be the reason, there comes a time when your chrome wheels need a restoration process.

If you follow the process right and invest some time you can restore your wheels to look beautiful as new.

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