Chip Tuning

For many motorists as a bit of time there is on the market a new intriguing to be discovered: the Chip Tuning.

It is a program loaded on the drive of the motor software, which significantly alters the performance of the vehicle.

The Tuning Chip combines two aspects that for motorists (and for many vehicles) really is the culmination of a dream: increased engine power and reduce fuel consumption!

chip tuning

The Tuning Chip meets the needs of various types of drivers: professionals (for example truck drivers) who need more powerful engines and young people, always looking for better performance of their vehicles; those who hope for a reduction in consumption or those who want security in particularly dangerous situations.

The engine of any vehicle is actually being used at 60% of its power. Why does all this happen? The answer is very simple. In most countries the insurance costs are often calculated on the basis of engine power and at the same time the government authorities impose severe restrictions about CO2 emissions.

Automakers are therefore compelled to place on the market engines with multiple versions of software depending on the target market and often less powerful than what could actually provide the driver.

For many vehicles the installation of the chip-tuning results in a significant improvement of the driving comfort, greater safety, and in a reduction in the number of gear changes.

Undisputed leader in the sector of Chip tuning is Race Chip, a German industry born a few years ago by the passion of the brothers Manuel and Daniel Gotzin Holzmaden, near Stuttgart. Today Race Chip has about 50 employees who dedicate their passion to the Chip Tuning world.

The offer of the Race Chip is really amazing: different versions of the Race Chip (chip tuning) combined for example with the K & N air filters allow greater power and better performance for many vehicles.

Race Chip in fact supports over 2,000 models of cars of several car manufacturers, from Abarth to Volvo, through Mercedes, Fiat, Renault, BMW, Citroen and many more. Lastly the cost of prices combined with really super deliveries: 24 hours and delivery is guaranteed across Europe! In short, you just have to select your car model and place your order!

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