How To Keep Stray Dogs Away from Your Car Roof & Tires?

how to keep dogs away from car

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend.

Most people would say that dogs are one of the most loving, loyal, and caring creatures on earth.

But there is a downside to having these furry friends for companionship: they can also turn into pests when it comes to your car!

Especially the stray dogs – they love nothing more than climbing onto your car roof or tires, leaving behind hair and dirt which will then transfer over to the inside of your vehicle.

Sometimes this occurs because the dog was just curious about what you were doing in their territory; other times it could be that they know how much you love them and want attention from you by getting up on top of your car.

Either way, if you don’t want an expensive detailing job on your car after the dog has been on it, it is best to get them off before they can get up there.

Why Dogs Love Your Car Roof?

There are a few reasons why dogs love to climb up on cars.

One reason is that dogs see cars as large, moving animals – something that they want to investigate and explore.

Dogs may also see cars as a place where they can safely rest and watch the world go by.

Some of them also climb up to get the feeling of coolness in summer since your car’s roof was cooled by the air conditioner a while ago when you were driving.

Finally, some dogs may simply enjoy the feeling of being on top of a car without worrying about other dogs and people around.

How To Keep Dogs Away from Car Roof?

To prevent dogs from climbing up on your roof, there are a few tips that you can use to keep them away.

Here are 7 tips for keeping dogs away from your car roof:

1) Cover your car

One of the easiest ways to keep dogs from climbing on your car is to cover it with a tarp or sheet.

This will not only keep them off but will also protect your car from scratches and dirt.

2) Raise the wiper blades up

If you can’t cover your car, you can also try to deter dogs by raising your wiper blades up.

Since dogs like to stand on objects, they may be discouraged by the higher wiper blades.

3) Scare the stray dogs away

If you are not able to get the dog off, then allow it to climb up on your car.

As soon as they start climbing, make a loud noise with something that has a high pitch (such as cans filled with pebbles).

This should scare the dog away from your expensive car’s roof and will also stop them from scratching.

4) Stick some plastic films

Another way to deter dogs is by using plastic films such as those used for wrapping food.

These can be attached to the car’s surface so that dogs will not be able to grip anything.

Stick the films on the side of your car and on the roof so that they form a wall for the dog to climb.

This should help keep your car clean and free of dogs hair.

5) Deter them with some water

Dogs do not like water, so if you want to keep dogs away from your car without hurting them or scaring them too much, then try spraying some water on the side of your car.

The dog should be discouraged by the water and will hopefully not come anywhere near your car again!

7) Use a spray on your car or car tires

If all the other methods do not work, then you can try using a repellent spray on your car or tires.

This will make it difficult for the dog to grip onto your car and they will eventually give up.

Apply the spray every time you see the dog around your car, and they should eventually get discouraged by the smell and stay away.

dog peeing on car tire

Why Do Dogs Pee On Car Tires – How to Stop Them from Peeing?

Apart from wanting to investigate and climb on a car’s roof, dogs can find the car’s tires interesting because of the variety of different enticing smells it contains.

The tires may have rolled through food, general garbage, animal feces, or even any roadkill that dogs love to investigate.

Dogs may also pee on car tires as a way of marking their territory.

With that said, when a dog smells another dog’s urine on the tire, it will know that this is its territory and will not cross into it.

But for many other dogs, it’s like a calling card because of the fact that the dog’s urine contains communicative hormones.

If you are finding that your neighbor’s dog or any other stray dog is peeing on your car tires, there are a few things that you can do to stop them.

Some of them include:

1) Keep your car clean:

One way to make sure that your dog does not pee on your car is to keep it clean.

If there is no scent for the dog to mark, then it will be less likely to pee there.

2) Use a repellent:

As mentioned earlier, dogs do not like the smell of certain repellents and this may stop them from peeing on your car.

There are sprays and gels that you can buy to stop your dog from urinating on your car.

3) Train the dog:

If you catch your dog in the act of peeing on your car, make sure that you reprimand it harshly and do not let it get away with it.

Over time, this will discourage them from doing it again and they will learn to stay away from your tires.

4) Avoid the dogs going near tires:

If a dog can still get on your car and pee without you knowing, then this may not work.

Make sure that there are no gaps where a dog can slip through or jump up, and keep it away from your tires if possible.

5) Place a fence around the car:

Finally, the last resort would be to place a fence around your car so that the dog cannot get to it at all.

This will be a definite way to stop your dog from peeing on your car tires!

The conclusion

So, there you have it – now you know how can you stop your dog from climbing the car’s roof and peeing on car tires.

Dogs are just naturally curious, so you may need to take some preventative measures in order to keep them off your BMWs and Teslas.

If you are having trouble keeping them away from your car, there are also professional services available that can help you with this problem!

Just check for them online and get the help.

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