What Makes Tesla So Special – The Coolest Hidden Features

Teslas are filled with lavish and cool hidden features. They’re shiny, high-tech, smart, occasionally humorous, and, most importantly, unexpected.

Other electric vehicles may have the same basic specs as Tesla, such as quick charging, acceleration, and touch displays, but they cannot compete with Tesla’s distinctiveness and innovation.

Tesla boasts more hidden features and settings than any other automobile, making it more than simply a commuting vehicle.

So, let’s look at some of the coolest hidden features of Tesla that make it so special and a one-of-a-kind car brand.

tesla coolest hidden features

1. Equipped with Full Self Driving Mode

The first forms were just safety measures that made driving easier and kept the automobile away from oncoming traffic.

It also assisted the automobile in slowing down or stopping in the presence of oncoming traffic.

However, these technologies are now commonplace, and all Tesla models include them as the default of their basic safety system.

They now have a fully self-driving option, allowing you to operate the Tesla without touching the steering wheel.

You may anticipate the automobile to drive itself, stopping at traffic signals, lanes changing, overtaking, and parking.

But currently, the complete self-driving mode is only available to select Tesla customers, since the technology has struggled to adapt to the crowd and highly trafficked regions.

2. Equipped with Dog Mode

If you own a dog, you should be aware of the hazards of leaving your dog in a parked car for an extended period.

Many people are unaware that the temperatures inside a car may reach dangerously high levels for pets.

Furthermore, seeing pets inside a locked and empty car is upsetting to others.

To address this issue, Tesla assists in the integration of components that make the car dog-friendly.

Dog owners who want to leave their dogs in the car for some time can do so by switching the vehicle to dog mode.

When dog mode is on, Tesla keeps the inside temperature safe for the dog and displays a message on the screen informing passersby that their owner will be returning soon and that the temperature is reasonably set.

3. Comes with a Key Card

You may believe that Tesla is entirely app-dependent and that there is no way to go inside the vehicle without your phone.

In the absence of your phone, however, you can utilize a key card.

It looks like a credit card and you can easily carry it in your wallet or purse.

And when the wallet is placed over the door it quickly triggers the car’s sensor, which opens the door.

Similarly, if you set this wallet next to the cup holder, the car will start immediately.

4. Offers Sentry Mode

Other vehicles have security systems, but none are as advanced as Sentry mode.

If someone approaches too near to your Tesla for too long, the cameras begin recording, a notification shows on the screen indicating that everything is being recorded, and classical music begins to play over the audio system.

Sentry mode can be used to deter potential intruders or vandals.

5. Protects from Nuke with Chemical Defense Mode

Tesla comes with a powerful HEPA filtration system that keeps hazardous substances out of the car’s interior.

They designed a HEPA filtration system that can remove pollen, germs, and pollutants from the outside air, making the inside of the automobile chemically safe.

6. Prank with Fart Mode

This feature is a perfect illustration of one of Tesla’s wacky and entertaining ideas.

You may use this function to have the automobile emit a variety of distinct farting noises from various regions of the passenger seat.

This tool can provide comedic relief and a few nice chuckles from your kids and friends for pranksters and banter-loving people.

7. Enjoy the Warmth with Romance Mode

The mind-boggling infotainment system of Tesla has settings for any occasion.

Among many other features, turning on the romance mode warms up the car’s surroundings by displaying a log fire on the one and only center screen.

Even the HVAC vents begin to produce warm air, which contributes to the overall atmosphere.

Nonetheless, the romantic mode isn’t only for dates, it’s also useful in the winter, with friends, or with family.

8. Comes with Single Center Touch Screen

Model 3 and Y are Tesla’s newest vehicles.

And both have the same minimalist cabin with a one for all screen that controls everything you need to do, from starting the car and playing music to getting driving instructions.

9. Real-Time Updates with Life-Saving Tesla App

One of the most intriguing aspects of Tesla is the app, which allows users to operate their vehicles from nearly any location.

When the sentry mode is on, you will be getting real-time updates on your device where the app has been installed.

You can also check your vehicle’s charging state, control the temperatures, and also lock or unlock your vehicle.

10. Endless Joy with Entertainment Mode

You can watch all of your favorite shows and even play video games on your Tesla.

But don’t get too enthusiastic, you’ll need to park the car to be amused.

You may access the different streaming services while waiting in your automobile, most likely while it is charging.

Also distinguishing Tesla’s gaming integration is the ability to connect practically any game controller via a USB port.

But hold on, there’s more.

The audio system in a Tesla is of the finest caliber. The automobile includes roughly 15 speakers and a stereo sound system that will transport you to a nightclub or bar.

The vehicle is also equipped with an audio workstation. If you have a talent for creating catchy compositions from scratch, you may do so while waiting inside your Tesla.

The Conclusion

Tesla’s features are innovative, and they are a clear example of how technology’s primary thrust in the twenty-first century is based on the human experience.

Tesla automobiles have a bright future, and the greatest part is their affordable pricing for a vehicle with so many cool and amazing features.

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