Why is Semi Automatic Tire Changer the Right Option for You?

If you own more than one vehicle, then it may become absolutely necessary to own a tire changer.

Semi Automatic Tire Changer

Indeed, it is vital to own one because you can never predict when your car’s tires will need the help of a tire changer.

However, these machines are not cheap to buy for everyone.

If you want an affordable tire changer as compared to the fully automatic tire changer, then the semi-automatic tire changer is your best bet.

Fully automatic vs. semi-automatic tire changer

For operating the semi-automatic tire changer, you do not require a lot of practical or hands-on experience.

On the other hand, you need to be well trained when using the automatic version.

Most of these kinds of tire charging equipment feature a tilting arm and also a 20 inches wheelbase to provide complete support when you are charging a wheel that measures 20 inches or less.

There are other wider versions as well for wheelbases that are large in size. These are ideal for wheelbases that are slightly larger than the traditional 20 inches.

Most of the cutting-edge tire changing equipment blends the slanting column effect easily with a turntable which is lifted only 665mm from the ground.

This ensures the process becomes quite easy and also efficient as compared to the previous models.

The semiautomatic equipment is suitable for mounting as well as dismounting any van, motorcycle or car wheel.

The automatic tire changer is undoubtedly the most efficient and the fastest way of changing any wheel in any mechanical shop.

The majority of the automatic tire changers find applications in changing wheels that measure up to 24 inches.

The weight and the size of the semi-automatic equipment make it difficult and even dangerous to use.

Also, compared to an automatic tire changer, the semi-automatic ones are too slow to operate.

In an automatic tire changer, the tilt column is controlled pneumatically and does not require a lot of manually-induced labor.

Tire changers of this size most often are equipped with a wheel bead braking system as well as a resistant structure for effectively sustaining the extra weight and strain of heavier rims and wheels.

An automatic tire changer also features a completely automatic turntable for making the entire process quick and smooth.

All the tire mechanic is required to do is set up the machine and ensure their fingers are well protected. Automatic tire changers are ideal for charging trucks, large cars, and SUV wheels.

Where to buy tire changer machines?

You can find tire changers in almost every car oil shop, car body shop, car shop, or tire shop.

These tire changers come in different makes and models.

The majority of car owners require tire changers to ensure that the expensive rim is not subjected to any damage when the wheel’s servicing is underway. You can choose between different kinds of tire changers.

To Conclude

Today, one can find a new strain of advanced tire changers that have flooded the market.

These new ones have revolutionized the features of the previous models.

Also, the contemporary ones have also enhanced looks and gadgets as compared to the standard semi-automatic or automatic tire changers.

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