Sun Visor in Car – Types, Uses & Potential Problems

Like other sense organs in your body, your eyes are also sensitive to many things in the environment such as dust, insects, pollutants, pollen, etc.

One such thing is the glare from sunlight which affects you most while driving your vehicle.

The glare not only harms your vision but also interferes with your driving and makes you riding your vehicle riskier.

The right solution for this is to use a suitable sun visor in the car.

sun visor parts

A glare-eliminating car visor comes as an attachable component that can be fixed on the windshield of your car.

It not only helps in reducing the glares that come from the sunlight during your drive but also from the strong beams of distracting headlights that come from other vehicles on the freeway or your local roads at night.

Parts of a Sun Visor

The Sun visor consists of the main part which is its flap.

This is the part of the visor which blocks the sun rays from getting into your eyes on those sunny days.

The flap of the sun visor is held on by hinges, which are usually attached to the roof of your car.

These can help in opening and closing the visor as per desire.

There are a few sun visors that also have extenders attached to them.

These are installed to further block UV rays of the sun from your eyes when the shine is too bright.

Furthermore, there are some sun visors that come with mirrors and lights inside them.

These are good for you if you are on a long drive and need to freshen up by wiping the face and dressing up.

sun visor types

Different Types of Car Sun Visor

An effective Car Visor works as a shield that is placed on the top of the windshield of your car and it can be adjusted to your requirements, i.e. during glare and when there is no glare.

This is the most common type of glare-eliminating car visor.

However, there are other types of car visors as well.

Some of them are:

1- Ceiling Car Visor:

A ceiling car visor is located right over the ceiling at the top of the windshield of your vehicle.

This allows for glare reduction for both the driver as well as the passenger.

It can be stowed manually to get an opaque effect which eliminates the glare from the sun completely.

Some of these visors also have small pockets to hold in music CDs or envelopes in.

2- Automatic car visors:

This is the type of car visor where the manual stowing of the visor is replaced by an automated stowing one.

An automatic glare-eliminating car visor has several components that function independently.

One is that the passengers’ and the driver’s visors work separately and are not dependent on one another.

There are sensors attached that help in the detection of the eye’s position of the occupant(s) in the car and also the degree and direction of the light beam that is hitting on the person’s face.

There is a motor that is controlled by these sensors and the car visor is hidden inside a track that is fixed on the upper ceiling of the vehicle’s windscreen.

Therefore, when required, the motor is activated by the sensor, and the glare-eliminating visor tracks down the ceiling and adjusts its position to best suit glare reduction purposes.

Automatic car visors function like goggles for your vehicle and they are made of tints (transparent or translucent material) which help in the protection of your eyes against the glare, unlike the manual opaque one.

Thus, they help in blocking the sun glare and the strong beam of headlights from traffic while enabling you to still see the road ahead with excellent clarity.

Car Visor

Potential Problems with Sun Visors in Cars

Many times, people claim to have had problems with their car’s sun visor falling out of place.

This is usually the case when you have not installed them well or if it’s of very low quality.

If you have the same problem despite having good quality visors, you should check the hinges.

If it’s an old sun visor there may be chances that one or both of the hinges may have gone bad.

In that case, getting them replaced can solve the issue.

Another reason for issues with sun visors is may be due to the heavy things (like your wallet, document papers, etc) you may have attached to it.

These can weigh the sun visor down and can cause regular problems.

To fix the issue, simply remove those heavy items and place them somewhere else in your car.

If you have visors with mirrors or lights inside them, they can also stop working after a period of time.

If that’s your specific issue check the battery inside or visit a mechanic to get them fixed. There may be an electrical issue that will need to be fixed.

Final Thoughts

Overall sun visors for your car are a very helpful accessory you should not miss out on. Especially if you live in an area with harsh sunlight.

Thus, get yourself a car visor to help you protect your eyes and make you less prone to road accidents while driving on a sunny day or a traffic-ridden night.

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