How to Use ECU Remapping Software?

ECU or an engine control unit is a kind of control unit that operates electrically and controls a series of actuators in a combustion engine inside so that the engine performance will get optimized.

This is done by reading values got from many sensors that are kept inside the engine bay.

The data is interpreted using look-up tables or performance maps that are multidimensional and the engine actuators are adjusted accordingly.

Before the ECU, ignition timing, air-fuel mixture, and also idle speed were set on a mechanical basis and controlled dynamically using pneumatic and mechanical means.

 ECU SoftwareSetting the ignition time, air-fuel mixture, and idle speed in that way is very difficult.

Also, the dynamic nature of controlling was restricted.

But the ECU or Engine Control Unit has simplified the entire process.

Its introduction has brought great changes to the field.

The process of calibration and re-calibration has become really easy.

Moreover, the time consumed for bringing the values back to the proper ones has become really low.

It takes only a few seconds or a maximum of minutes for the process. So the introduction of ECU is quite commendable.

Why & How to Use ECU Remapping Software?

Remapping of the engine can enable the lifting of a few restrictions forced on the vehicle by the manufacturer.

ECU re-mapping removes the blocks on a few of manufacturers’ restrictions and facilitates the vehicle to perform like how it did when was designed originally.

Greater response, more power, and lesser fuel consumption come as one among many advantages that the remap offers.

The most important point is that the re-mapping of a vehicle does not have any negative effect on the life of the engine or exhaust emissions.

The ECU controls different factors like the following :

  1. Air Intake – The amount of air that should be allowed into the engine as a response to throttle.
  2. Fuel – The amount to put in as a response to throttle and load.
  3. Ignition – Decides when the spark should be fired in the petrol engine or when to inject fuel in the diesel.
  4. Valve timing – Decides when the inlet should be opened and also the exhaust valve’s opening time.
  5. Turbo boost – The amount of boost to be used and at what RPM.

Thus, it is understood that the ECU plays a big part in your vehicle management properly. It ensures the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

Worried about managing them? PrecisionCode has come with the best ECU software that comes with two benefits.

  • ECU Re-mapping Software
  • ECU tune file service

ECU Re-mapping Software

Using ECU Re-mapping Software, you can receive an e-mapped tuning file, that too in a few seconds.

The re-mapping is done so effectively that you won’t have any complaints later. They have created the software with utmost care and responsibility.

ecu software

ECU tune file service

The services are available for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

The Precisioncode has facilitated calibration, DPF solutions, EGR solutions, Calculator for fuel economy, Actual Map View, tuning to 100’s of components.

The build time is an average of thirty seconds. And it takes only a few steps for using the ECU tune file service of PrecisionCode. These are…

1 . Register for PrecisionCode. Work’s Tuner account

2 . Identify the ECU of your vehicle

After logging in, navigate to Protocol Database. Check in the drop-down menu to find the vehicle’s ECU type.

This aids you in selecting the tuning method and also the best-suited tooling. Before that check Wiki to identify any known problems related to the tuning of ECU.

3 . Getting the ECU Flash Tool correctly

Extensive quantities of information will be available there on each of various tools and also supported types of ECU. You can also take a look at Amazon and eBay for comparing prices.

PrecisionCode.Works do support all the formats of master flash tools like BDM, Tricore (TPROT included), and OBD. A look-up service is also in process of getting created by them.

4 . Using the selected tool, read the Original File from the ECU

Download the Original file of the ECU file from ‘ECU’ by following the instructions of the tuning tool. Before that check Wiki for seeing expert notes related to the ECU.

5 . Purchase Credits

‘Purchase Credits’ has to be selected from the main page and the steps have to be followed to complete checkout.

Then you will get access to a section called the ‘Build your Tune’ section and with a credit balance that is positive, you get access to all the areas of a website.

6 . Build Your Tune

Navigate to the ‘Build your Tune’ to complete the steps of uploading the original ECU file that will be used to get modified to the desired calibration.

7 . Select desired ECU profile

Once the file gets uploaded, you will be given options for the original file. Select the tuning profile, DPF, or EGR switches and then confirm.

If any issues are there, raise a ticket and they will help you in this by providing an engineer’s look at it.

8 . Download the new tuned ECU file

Once the system built the selected tune file, wait for 30 seconds and then press the button ‘Download’ to save the file to the computer.

This file is not a standard one and is specific only to the original one uploaded by you because of which maximum compatibility is ensured.

9 . Upload the new ECU file into the vehicle ECU with the help of the tuning tool

Follow hardware instructions from the tuning tool and select the new ECU file that you downloaded and upload the same to ECU. Again check out Wiki for any known issues of flashing with ECU.

10 . Raise a support request

Once the flashing of ECU gets completed, the car should get calibrated to the chosen profile. Take the vehicle for a drive and then feel different yourself.

If still, you are not happy, raise a support request, and inform us. We pride our work and will assist you in any trouble.

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