Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut: What’s Better

Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut

In this blog post, I’ll compare two of the Monroe products: the Monroe Roadmatic and the Monroe Quick Strut.

The first one is a shock absorber, which provides improved bump protection along with increased control on your automobile’s suspension and steering.

The second one is designed for automobiles with rear leaf springs and offers lesser bump absorption than the former.

Which of these should you buy?

If you’re short on time to read the whole blog post, here’s a concise synopsis.

Monroe Quick Strut vs. Monroe Roadmatic

Quick StrutRoadmatic
An integrated design that is easy to install Easy to install and cheaper than Quick Strut
Comes with a limited lifetime warrantyComes with 3 years warranty
Coil spring functionGas-charged strut-based coil
Weighs around 22 poundsWeighs around 5.75 pounds

Monroe Roadmatic is the instrument to use if you want greater steering and suspension control in your vehicle.

If your car has rear leaf springs, Monroe’s Quick strut should be your ideal choice.

Detailed Comparison

The key reason to compare Monroe Roadmatic with Monroe Quick-Strut is that both are intended to make strut replacement simpler. 

They do, however, offer certain major characteristics that may make one or the other a better match for your requirements.

The Monroe RoadMatic strut assembly is intended to save installation time and remove the requirement for a spring compressor.

This strut assembly is designed to fulfill OE requirements and is ideal for individuals searching for a fast and straightforward installation.

Monroe Roadmatic and QuickStart both feature high-quality struts and bearings.

The Quick-Strut is an improved version of Roadmatic; you might call it Monroe Roadmatic’s premium edition.

Types and Functions

There are many different kinds of shocks on the market, including monotube, twin-tube, tri tube, telescopic, strut-based, and so on. 

Here are two terrific strut-based shocks that you will undoubtedly like. 

The firm is so confident in its product that it assures you’ll notice a change.

These shocks are safer, simpler to install, and all of their components can be repaired. If you don’t want to purchase another, this is a major advantage. 

They also enhance vehicle handling and make them rust resistant as the dust boot reduces contact with dust and water.

Simply put, with these shocks set, you’ll have consistent performance that will help your automobile go farther.

The material used in construction

These two have the same maker, are made of the same material, are strut-based, and are almost similar. 

Let’s be honest about this. The shocks carry out the operation, which is not feasible with typical materials.

It necessitates something decent, something that can accommodate the vehicle’s comfort.

The steel utilized in the process is all of US quality, and the production is likewise done in the US. 

Make certain that you receive the original vehicle height, followed by the original riding performance.


So far, we’ve discussed what kind of shocks these two are, what functions they can do, and what materials they’re built of. 

Now that you’ve read this, you’ll understand why they have such a large variety of tensile strengths. 

These two shocks, indeed, have a long lifetime. However, it is understandable to have such a life when you are covered with A-grade materials. 

Strut-based shocks have a lifespan of 8-10 years, depending on how and where they are used.

The Roadmatic series will give high-quality service until 100,000 km when the starter wears out. 

The Quick strut, on the other hand, works effectively for up to 80,000km. 

Shocks aren’t something you check daily. And its build quality and guarantee assure that they will be around for a long time. 

Appropriate Vehicle

It’s a tremendous comfort to choose a shock and discover that it covers a large variety of automobiles. Shocks are selected based on their compatibility. 

It’s a waste of money to purchase a shock that doesn’t fit the preferences of your car.

And you’ve got good news. Both of these Monroe shocks are suitable for a wide variety of cars. 

Typically, they are ideal for SUVs, light trucks, domestic or passenger vehicles. 

It’s OK to go with any of them. And don’t be concerned about the weather. 

These shocks feature all-season, making them suitable for use in inclement weather.

Product Cost

Monroe Roadmataic is a low-cost, high-quality shock absorber.

It’s made of high-quality materials and you get practically all of the same benefits as the Quick Strut but at a lower cost. 

Even if certain features and build quality are reduced, you are still receiving the finest.

To be frank, Monroe has regularly delivered shocks at a fair price but they are a bit more expensive than the Roadmatic.

They have been in the industry for a long time and understand that shoppers pick and purchase items based on their budget.

Because both of these shocks are strut-based, their price category is usually extremely similar. 

My opinion on the pricing is that it is reasonable, and paying the price seems to be worthwhile given the constructed quality and advantages we will get for the money.

Is Monroe’s Quick Strut Worth It?

Yes. Monroe has long been known for creating high-quality shock absorbers. They are the market leaders.

The current Monroe Quick Strut is a significant accomplishment for them.

They completely incorporated this masterpiece. As a result, buyers should have no trouble positioning it in their vehicles.

Second, Monroe made it robust by using innovative technologies and other functions.

In the end, the Monroe Quick Strut is one of the highest quality shock absorbers in the market that is well worth the money.

What is the Difference between Standard and Quick Struts?

The distinction between regular Strut and Quick Strut is mentioned in the name.

Regulars are still regular, and Quick struts are very quick. The main distinction is in the assembly and installation procedures.

A standard strut with a spring coil and other components must be assembled individually.

A Quick strut, on the other hand, arrives fully constructed in the pack.

You just unpack the items after purchasing them and install the package as a whole.

Which Should You Choose: Monroe Roadmatic or Quick Strut?

If you want greater control over your car’s suspension and steering system, choose Monroe Roadmatic, which features a sophisticated design that seeks to assist drivers to navigate turns effortlessly and maintain the tires in touch with the road.

This reduces the chance of rollovers while turning, which is particularly beneficial for senior drivers who may struggle with fast speed changes.

If your car has rear leaf springs and you want a Monroe product that decreases bump effects while preserving suspension movement, go with the Quick strut.

It is better suited to automobiles that have rear leaf springs.

The Bottomline

We’ve concluded our debate: Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut. I hope you’re going to choose one right now.

KYB and Monroe are both market leaders in struts and shock absorbers.

Which one the user chooses is entirely up to them. KYB, like Monroe, sells its struts at a reasonable price.

Whichever Strut you select, be sure to test it after some time has passed.

Proper upkeep and inspection might result in better rides.

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