How Much Does it Cost to Get Brake Calipers Painted?

how much to paint brake calipers

The typical cost to repaint your car’s brake calipers in excellent condition is $200-$500. Be prepared to spend extra if your calipers need extensive repairs.

Doing it yourself will, however, cost $25 for paint, and the typical individual should be able to do the task in approximately 5 hours.

Now, if you want to go advanced and do powder coating then remember, it is somewhat more costly, but it will increase the longevity of your calipers.

Powder-coated brake calipers should cost between $180 and $220 each caliper, or $700 to $750 overall.

Now, in this article, we’ll go over how can you save money while still getting your calipers painted. Be it with a pro or by yourself.

Continue reading to see if it is more lucrative to undertake all of the hard work yourself or to get the calipers painted by the pros.

How Much Does it Cost to DIY Paint Your Brake Calipers? 

If you want to paint your brake calipers yourself, the good news is that this option is the most cost-effective of all.

Brake calipers are not very massive. We estimate that they are around 2 square feet apiece, for a total of 8 square feet.

So, assuming an 8-square-foot painted area for four brake calipers, the cost per square foot will be roughly $7.

However, since you’ll be doing it yourself, you’ll need to do some preliminary measures to reach the brake calipers to paint them, such as dismantling the wheel and prepping the surrounding region for paint.

Hence, we suggest using this procedure only if you are comfortable removing and repairing auto components and are certain that you will be able to paint the brake calipers properly. 

Getting paint in the incorrect region may cause harm to other elements of your car. So, be aware of that as well.

Having said that, our following piece will walk you through the process of painting your brake calipers.

Let’s start by having a look at the items that you need.

  • A jack for an automobile 
  • Carrying bags made of plastic 
  • A toothbrush 
  • Tape for masking 
  • A brake cleaner can 
  • 1 cardboard sheet 
  • Paint with enamel

All of the necessary tools for a do-it-yourself brake caliper paint job will cost roughly $60. If you add any of the extra materials the pricing will rise.

Once you gathered all the materials, here is a DIY method to paint brake calipers you need to follow…

Step 1: 

Prepare your workstation for painting your paint calipers.

Step 2: 

Begin by gently loosening all of the nuts on all four wheels. Remember that the goal of this step is to loosen all of the nuts.

Step 3: 

After that, you’ll need to use the automobile jack to lift the front of the car. Jack up the automobile until both front wheels are successfully raised and off the ground.

Step 4:  

You will next need to unscrew the bolts on the front two wheels, which allows you to remove both wheels from the automobile.

Step 5:  

After you’ve exposed the brake calipers, you’ll need to spray some of the brake cleaners you have on hand onto a toothbrush. 

Then, using the toothbrush, scrape the brake calipers until all of the extra rust, dirt, and debris are gone.

Step 6:  

Spend some time scouring and cleaning the calipers until there is no rust, dirt, or debris remaining.

Step 7:  

After you’ve done washing the brake calipers, remove the front retainer clip and cover the bleeder valve with masking tape. 

When doing this step, make sure that the valve is fully covered with tape.

Step 8:  

With the huge piece of cardboard in hand, the following step is to cut an ‘L’ shape into it. 

This allows you to lay it exactly over the bracket that secures the caliper in place, ensuring that when you begin painting it, the surrounding sections of the automobile are covered from and not exposed to the paint.

Step 9:  

After that, use the plastic carrier bags to shield the rotor from the paint. 

While doing so, you may find that you need to spin the rotor around to properly wrap the plastic bag around the rotor, as this will assist to guarantee that the plastic bag can get between the brake pads and the rotor wheel.

Step 10:  

Spray the calipers in slow strokes, and allow the paint to dry in thin layers.

Step 11:  

Once you’re satisfied with the results and don’t want to add any additional paint coats, you may let the paint dry for a few hours before removing all of the plastic.

Step 12:  

Continue this technique with each subsequent wheel until all of your car’s brake calipers have been painted.

Step 13:  

Reassemble your vehicle.

How Much Time Will it Take?  

Expect to spend some time painting your brake calipers.

The time spent removing and preparing the calipers will be much more than the time spent painting.

Make time in your calendar for 6-7 hours for the project. It can take a little longer if your brake calipers are rusted or difficult to remove.

how much price to paint old brake calipers professionally

How Much Does It Cost to Have Brake Calipers Painted Professionally?

A professional paint job for your paint calipers comes in a variety of pricing levels. Several things will influence the pricing.


Prices may vary depending on your area. For an exact price, contact your local car body shop.

The Calipers’ Condition 

Calipers on new automobiles are unpainted. Those calipers can withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

Brake calipers that are in excellent condition will take less time and cost less to paint.


Airbrush painting, metallic paint will be more expensive than a standard paint job.

Vehicle Classification 

Caliper painting may be more expensive on high-end, antique, or luxury automobiles. 

Larger brake calipers are seen on several automobiles. These are frequently more expensive to paint. 

Before making a selection, it is essential to get a price quotation for your specific car.

Paint or Powder Coat? 

Powder coating is a common dry finish method and it will cost more than painting them.


The actual painting component of the process takes very little time. However, removing the calipers is time-consuming. 

After the calipers have been removed, they are ready for the paint and then reinstalled on the automobile.

This may all take up to 5-6 hours. The majority of car body businesses, such as MAACO, charge an hourly cost for labor.

Don’t be shocked if labor expenses account for the bulk of your bill.

Professionally Painted Brake Calipers Cost Per Square Foot 

Assuming 8 square feet of paintable surface, professional painting of your brake calipers will cost between $35 and $60 per square foot.

Powder-coating your brake calipers will cost between $90 and $105 per square foot.

Powder Coating the Brake Calipers 

Powder coat is made up of a combination of polymer resins, pigments, and other components.

It’s heated, blended, cooled, and pounded into a fine powder. This powder is delivered to your brake calipers using Electrostatic Spray Distribution (ESD).

The calipers must be cured in a curing oven after the powder has been applied which gets your calipers protected by a high-quality finish.

The powder coat is resistant to heat, moisture, impact, and UVB solar rays. It also looks fantastic.

Most car owners are unable to do a powder coat themselves. It necessitates the use of an ESD spray cannon as well as a curing oven.

It is recommended to leave the powder coating of your brake calipers to the pros.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck to Get Your Brake Calipers Painted

First of all, if you choose to take the professional way, we suggest utilizing the internet to identify the finest services in your region.

You will be able to compare costs, obtain quotations, and even read reviews to see how excellent the service is and if it is worth your money.

Paint materials might be obtained from relatives and friends 

If you don’t have any paint materials or anticipate you’ll need more, ask your friends and family if they have any paint supplies they no longer need.

This will not only help you save money but will also allow you to sell any remaining paint online after you have done your paint caliper project.

Quotes should be negotiated 

This idea is strongly related to conducting your research ahead of time. 

Though this is not always the case, professional services may occasionally offer you an estimate that is much too high for the work.


With freshly painted brake calipers, you can make your wheels stand out for all the right reasons.

With a few tools and some heat-resistant spray paint, you can easily paint them yourself without removing them from your vehicle.

You may choose to engage a professional if you have little expertise in dealing with automobiles or if you want to improve the procedure with a powder coat. 

In any case, your calipers will look amazing and survive longer if they are painted.

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