Can You Locate a Car by Its GPS System?

In a world where practically, everyone has a GPS device on their person at all times in their smartphones, some people think that having an additional GPS unit in their car is overkill.

The truth is that having a dedicated GPS system for your car might not only give you a more sophisticated navigation system than your phone, but it may also make it easier for you to track down your vehicle if it gets stolen.

In the below article, let’s discover how…

Locate a Car by Its GPS

How can you use a GPS system to locate a vehicle?

There are a few different ways that you can use a GPS system to find your car:

Active Devices:

An active GPS system will keep tabs on a car’s movement by keeping a record of data from different positions it pings.

This information is then sent to a computer using the cellular network, leaving behind a log of where you are and where you’ve been.

This is perhaps the easiest way for you to locate a car, as it can tell you in virtual real-time where exactly the vehicle is located.

Passive Devices:

Using a passive device to find a missing car is a bit more difficult to do.

The reason it is more difficult than searching with an active GPS system is that the device has to be taken out of the vehicle and the information has to be downloaded purposefully to a computer to figure out where the vehicle has been.

Because of this, it’s helpful when you want to find out where a car has been after you relocate it, but using it to find its current location isn’t exactly an easy thing.

Beenfits of GPS in a car

What are the other different uses of GPS in a car?

Simply put, yes, a GPS system can help you locate a car, but it can also do so much more to benefit you as a driver.

Let’s have a look at what are these benefits…

a) Tracking Functionality

GPS receivers on the ground will use timed transmissions from a number of different satellites to figure out the position of the vehicle in any given place.

After the receiver has determined the location of the car using such information, the info is then sent to a computer or is stored in the receiver itself to be extracted and downloaded at a later date.

This is the main use of GPS systems, and it is the reason that most people purchase one.

b) Security Systems

GPS receivers in a car also pose the benefit of helping you find the car if it was stolen.

With these systems installed as a part of a car’s security suite, it can alert law enforcement, the car’s owner, or both as to where the car can be found via email or phone once the alarm has been set off.

c) Telematic Systems

In automobiles, telematic just means automation.

GPS systems fall under this category in the context of a vehicle, and it lets a GPS signal be sent to emergency services should the driver end up in an accident unable to call for help.

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