10 Alternatives to Car AC – Cooling Down Without Air Conditioning

Driving without air conditioning in hot weather is a nightmare for most of us, but for a select few, that nightmare is a reality. 

Whether your air conditioner is broken, insufficiently powerful, or you’re driving one of the few automobiles that aren’t equipped with temperature control, you’ll need to get creative once summer arrives.

How to Cool Car without an Air Conditioning

As the weather in the northern hemisphere warms up, the need to find alternate methods to stay cool in the automobile becomes more pressing.

A hot driver’s seat is not just unpleasant; it may also be dangerous if it distracts you from the road.

The easiest approach to cool a vehicle down without an air conditioner is opening all the windows, but if sliding down the window isn’t cutting it any longer, here are 10 alternative things you may do to cool yourself.

1. Portable AC

Portable air conditioners made by companies such as LG, Icy Breeze, and Honeywell perform just as well, if not better than in-built car AC. 

They’re mostly meant for usage during summer picnics and sporting events, although the majority of them fit neatly in automobiles. 

The disadvantage is that portable air conditioners need exhaust tubes to vent hot air, which means you’ll have to leave a window open.

An evaporative cooler, commonly known as a swamp cooler, is another portable cooling alternative. 

They do not need an exhaust pipe or potentially hazardous chemicals, but they have the disadvantage of raising the humidity in the room (hence the nickname).

2. Auto cooling portable fan

Air circulation through a portable fan is an excellent approach to minimize heat in a vehicle that lacks built-in AC.

We propose placing a fan on the driver’s left side, facing the vehicle’s rear right. 

Two fans are preferable; place the second one on the passenger’s right side, facing the rear left. 

This will produce a crosswind and keep the air ventilation in the automobile.

A high-powered automobile cooling fan is a good alternative since it is simple to move around the car and has a variety of settings to pick from.

It’s one of the most basic automotive air conditioning choices on the market.

3. Cooling car seat cover

If you’re going to be doing a lot of driving without air conditioning during the summer, it’s worth investing in a decent cooling seat cover.

Can’t get your head around the price? 

When you’re not in the vehicle, drape a towel over your seat to keep it cool for when you go back.

Car ac alternatives

4. Cooling vest

A cooling vest is exactly what it sounds like: a vest packed with cooling chemicals that spreads coolness throughout your body. 

They were initially created to treat disorders such as multiple sclerosis, where symptoms are aggravated by heat.

5. Appropriate Dressing

Choose loose garments made of light fibers such as linen or cotton. 

Tight clothing traps heat against your body, but looser clothing enables hot air to exit and cold air to enter.

Look for items made of breathable materials that allow more air to pass through.

Aside from linen and cotton, breathable materials include silk, chambray, and rayon.

If you’re a lady, go for a flowing rayon dress; if you’re a male, go for a loose, cotton T-shirt.

6. Driving with damp hair

Take a shower or just pour some water over your head before hitting the road. 

If you have longer hair, it’s a good idea to put it up before you wet it to avoid it from pouring down your back and soaking the seats.

It is the cheapest and fastest alternative to car AC.

7. Keeping Freeze water bottles and ice packs

Keep a few chilled water bottles in your cooler (along with a few wet hand towels) to rest against your chest or the back of your neck. 

The greatest thing is that when they melt, you’ll have an ice-cold drink to cool you off.

cold drinks in car

8. Bringing icy cold drinks with you

When you’re feeling a bit too heated in the automobile, ice-cold beverages are quite pleasant. 

They assist to keep your body cool even if your car is becoming too hot. 

We propose freezing a drink and then drinking it as it melts. 

9. Driving barefoot

Your feet play an important role in regulating your body temperature. 

Avoid overheating them by wearing socks and closed-toe shoes. Instead, let them uncovered to assist your body to dissipate heat.

Check your local traffic rules to see whether driving barefoot is permitted where you live.

Driving with sandals or open-toed shoes can keep you cool as well.

But don’t forget to check the floor for anything sharp, such as a screw or shard of shattered glass.

10. Getting your windows tinted

The number one rule of surviving summer journeys is to keep the sun out of your vehicle as much as possible, anything that helps with that is worth the cost.

Trying different types of tints for your car can be the most costly choice, but well worth it if you live in a hot climate and spend a lot of time in your vehicle.

Tinted windows minimize the amount of heat that enters the automobile in the first place. They keep the sun from heating your car’s black surfaces. 

Apply these 10 tips (one or more) to enhance your driving experience in hot summer without a car AC.


How hot does it get inside a car in the summer?

According to Stanford University research, the interior of an automobile may be up to 40°F hotter than the outside temperature in the summer. 

This implies that on a pleasant summer day of 75°F, the interior of your automobile may reach 115°F if parked in full sunshine without any cover.

Can I leave a Macbook in the hot car?

Heat damage may occur if a Macbook is left in a hot vehicle for a prolonged length of time. 

The Macbook may be stored in an insulated container, like cooler bags, where direct sunlight doesn’t reach.

Leaving devices in the passenger compartment during hot weather is risky owing to increasing temperatures.

You may keep your laptop in a hot vehicle for up to 8 hours provided it is turned off and placed in the trunk. 

Final words

If you don’t have air conditioning in your automobile, learn to take advantage of the atmosphere. 

Drive early in the morning and late in the evening. 

If you must drive during the day, then make sure you always park your car in a shaded region like under a tree.

Whether you’re simply getting by until your air conditioner is repaired or you’ve decided to live without one, maintaining excellent habits is essential.

So, this is all about staying cool in the vehicle without air conditioning.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Which tips influenced you the most?

Is it wearing appropriately and damping your hair? Or getting your car windows tinted? Either way, let us know in the comments.

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