Fictional Biker Gangs

The popularity of FX’s Sons of Anarchy has – in part –triggered the resurrection of several other motorcycle-themed TV shows, and movies. Marlon Brando is visiting the dreams of teenage girls once again, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda have found their way into a new generation of DVD collections, and the terrifying Biker Mice from Mars are being remembered with nostalgia by thirty-somethings up and down the country.

Fictional Biker Gangs

The team of bike-loving personal injury lawyers at Carry on Biking are not quite the vigilante crime fighters that they might dream of being, but if they were, maybe one of these biker gangs would be a good fit.

Hell’s Satans

From a 1999 episode of The Simpsons, Take My Wife, Sleaze, in which Homer wins a Harley-Davidson and forms his own outlaw motorcycle club. Unlike real motorcycle clubs, Homer’s Hell’s Satans do not seem to have any particular favoured motorcycle. Moe rides a clapped-out, rusty two-wheeler, Lenny a lawnmower, and Ned Flanders a bicycle.

By founding the Springfield Hell’s Satans charter, Homer and his friends upset an existing Hell’s Satans club in Bakersfield, leading to a confrontation between the two clubs.

The Springfield Hell’s Satans might not be the coolest motorcycle club, but with Homer around you would never be bored, and you could probably run up a pretty large tab at Moe’s before skipping town.

Satan’s Helpers

Initially the bad guys, the Satan’s Helpers are the motorcycle club in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. When Pee-Wee Herman compounds his already irritating behaviour by knocking over their bikes, the helpers decide to kill him.

Herman – as his last request – dances on a table and wins over the club, who gift him a motorcycle to continue his adventure.

Unless you really, really like the squeaky-voiced Pee-Wee Herman, joining this club would probably come with too great a risk of running into the man himself.


If you grew up playing with Barbie and Ken dolls, you might not be familiar with the Dreadnoks biker gang. Affiliates of Cobra, led by the evil Zartan, and mortal enemies of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, the Dreadnoks are the epitome of the bad-boy-biker – destroying property, engaging in criminal activity, making use of stealth and disguise as often as blunt force and brute strength.

If you crave chaos, adrenaline, and enjoy daily fist fights, then the Dreadnoks are for you. However, if you value longevity, brotherhood, and the occasional creature comfort –stay well away!

Sons of Anarchy

The newest and the best, the Sons value brotherhood and loyalty above all else. Whilst they are not the safest club to patch into, what with gun running, drug muling, domestic and international gang rivalries, and periodic stints in Stockton County Correctional Facility, they will become like family. In addition to the often less-than-legal activities discussed around the club table, you will also always have a drinking buddy, a selection of beautiful women willing to ride pillion, and an old lady prepared to provide a home-cooked meal.

Just don’t rat on the club. Ever.