10 Best WRC Cars (All-Time Favorite)

Over 4 decades of World Rally Championships have produced some of the most powerful and enthralling motorsports machines ever.

These cars can conquer any terrain they are put into. From tarmac to sand to Swedish snow. You name it.

But just like everything else in life. Some cars are just a cut above the rest.

They defy the rules and rather make some of their own by the time they’re done.

The cars in this list are either the most successful statistically or they have gone on to make the biggest impact in the world of WRCs.

So, here they come –

Best WRC Cars

1. Volkswagen Polo R WRC

When it comes to dominance there are very few rally cars that can match the Volkswagen Polo R WRC.

The record speaks for itself. 12 titles.

Although they had the biggest advantage of having perhaps the greatest of all rally drivers on their team, nothing takes away from the fact that this motorsports car is built to conquer.

The Polo has an unbelievable win ratio of 82.7 and the shocking part is that Volkswagen didn’t even enter the WRC world during its first 25 years.

And yet they started as the new boys and slowly kept building up their name and presence.

2. Subaru Impreza

It is one of those WRC cars which has remained to their original formula throughout. And rightly so.

I mean, they ended up winning 6 out of 8 titles since their launch in 1992.

Out of which they won 3 straight crowns from 1995 to 1997 making the blue and fluoro yellow livery one of the greatest to ever do it.

And if all the titles are to be counted from Finnish to Lebanese, then Impreza has won over 160 titles, making them one of the cherished and beloved cars in the WRC world.

3. Fiat 131 Abarth

It is a one of its kind, first-generation revolutionary car in the fact that it’s one of the first tiny Italian cars to kickstart in the WRC world.

Although compared to other monster cars with super huge horsepower the Fiat seems tiny and punitive.

But the manufactures did an amazing job of adding 140 horsepower into this little beast.

Which was enough to help make this little car to 16 different rally wins in a matter of 7 WRC seasons.

4. Audi Quattro

The Quattro is one of the few WRC cars which are as iconic and legendary as the Impreza.

This was the car that changed the face of the regular rally sweeping away the rear-wheel-drive which had been vehemently followed previously and changed it to the four-wheel-drive revolution.

The shocking part is that the Quattro wasn’t even designed to compete for WRCs.

The idea was to make it into a military car. But as destiny would have it.

When the Quattro conquered the icy Alpine Pass with ease, the Audi bosses were so impressed that they had to try their luck with this car in the WRC. And their luck did pan out well.

As the Quattro ended up winning 23 rallies in a span of 6 yrs adding 2 crowns in the process as well.

5. Citroen C4 WRC

It is one of the highly successful and accomplished WRC cars of all time. But it wasn’t always like this.

When they began they had a very rocky start and pretty forgettable mechanics.

And now Citron has gone from a pretty modest and average rally car maker to completely re-writing the history books and establishing itself as the greatest rally car maker of all time.

In its 4-year rallying life, the C4 won all but 1 title during that time frame.

That goes on to show how things turned around for Citron over the years.

And thanks to Loeb the Citrons had won 36 rallies during that time frame all while going up against some well-funded and buffed-up companies like the Ford.

6. Toyota Celica

The Celica won 4 drivers titles, 3 of which came in a row.

If you can forget how their top line ended, then this car is another one of history’s highly successful WRC cars.

In its 6 yrs career on the road, the Celica won 30 rallies making it one of the dominant cars of its era alongside the Lancia’s Delta for over half a decade.

Before the saloons and hatchbacks took over the Celica is one of the very first proper sportscars to have dominated the rally.

7. Peugeot 205 T16

No car can match the win record of the Peugeot 205 T16 if you cut the group b cars.

The 205 is a supercar that has been put into the body of a supermini which ended up winning 50% of the rallies it entered until the year 1986.

What happened after that?

After learning from their initial experiments and mistakes, the following years the 205 won 100% of the rallies it entered.

The car has nothing exceptional when you judge it by its appearance and you’ll probably bet on any of its big, monstrous competitors when they go toe to toe.

But its engineering and mechanics are so magnificent that very few cars can match it.

Its mid-mounted four cylinders are turbocharged so hard that it produced 400 horsepowers when at its peak, which is almost unheard of during that time.

8. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

One of the most famous motorsports cars of all time. And one of, if not the biggest rival of the Impreza.

This car won 4 driver titles in a row and even impressive is the fact that the Lancer consistently won rallies since 1994.

It didn’t stop until 2002 when one of their greatest drivers Markkanen departed to drive for their greatest rivals Impreza.

9. Lancia Delta HF

If you just count victories then the Lancia Delta HF is the most thriving rally car of all time.

It has won 6 consecutive constructors crowns, 4 drivers titles, and 46 rally victories during that time frame.

As time passed and new machinery started getting introduced, the Deltas name also started fading.

But it was the Lancia that has kept the Italian company afloat for many years past their prime.

10. Peugeot 206 WRC

It is another very successful car created by the Peugeot company and it is what brought them back to the top of the WRC world when they won a pair of WRC titles.

In 3 seasons of competing the 206 won 24 rallies and the more impressive feat is that those 24 rally victories are shared among 4 drivers.

Making a clear statement that it was the car that is dominant and powerful, not the drivers using it.

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