Tips to Find the Best Sunglasses for Driving

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Sunglasses have become synonymous with dangerous, sleek, and sexy drivers. Therefore, many people jump in their convertibles, put on their sunglasses, and cruise down the beach. It’s a common Hollywood image. However, Hollywood fails to properly prepare you for the reality of wearing sunglasses while driving.

Not all sunglasses are suitable for driving. According to Men’s Health, driving sunglasses need to isolate 99-100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, these glasses must absorb up to 400 nanometers of UV.

Casual sunglasses wearers should aim for metal frames because they provide the most durability. Gray and yellow tinted lenses offer the most clear views. Both help to avoid distorting colors, which leads to a safer ride. Bright color tinted sunglasses, such as red and blue, are bad for driving because they may distort the color of traffic signs.

Research also shows that yellow tinted glasses increase reaction time when compared to neutral colored lenses. Avoid oversized sunglasses, and aim for thin frames: thicker ones may block peripheral vision. Blocked peripheral vision can lead to accidents because of your obstructed side view.

Aviator and wraparound sunglasses are ideal for driving: they eliminate glare. Buy anti-glare glasses to minimize blurred or foggy vision. Also buy anti-glare and anti-reflective coating from the glasses’ manufacturer. Reflections from smudged lenses also cause vision issues. Anti-scratch coating helps maintain a lens’ clarity, and it prolongs sunglasses shelf life.

Tint density is the most important factor to consider when buying driving sunglasses. Manufacturers are required to advertise the level of density within each frame. The density classes range from 0-4.

Class 0 tint density provide the most vision clarity, and are ideal for overcast days. Aim to buy sunglasses within the 0-2 range. Class 3 and 4 tint density glasses tend to have dark lenses, which can impair eyesight. Many drivers prefer graduated (or progressive lenses) because they allow you clearer vision at every angle.

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