Tips for first time car buyers

Buying your very first car can be exciting, daunting and incredibly confusing. With so many salesmen trying to sell you the most expensive car with a number of ad-ons, it’s time to get to grips with just about everything you need to know.

carHere are some quick tips and hints to help you purchase your very first car:

The dreaded budget

Yes, we all hate setting those budgets but you do need to ensure you have set yourself a realistic budget on a car. There is no point in going into somewhere like HR Owen and looking at the most expensive vehicles when you can barely afford a hatchback.

Know your monthly spend

If you are opting for a car on finance you need to know just what you can afford to spend monthly – and don’t forget about the cost of the petrol you will use.

What do you need?

Before choosing the car of your dreams you need to establish what your transportation needs are. For example, will you be travelling long distances in it? Or simply to and from work which is all of a ten minute journey?

Do your research

Researching cars has never been easier with the use of the internet – take a look at what is currently out there and what the benefits of each vehicle is. Also, have a look at the average price range for each model so that you have an idea of what to expect before you enter the showroom.

Take a test drive

If this is your very first car since you passed your test you need to ensure that you feel comfortable driving the vehicle. So try to book yourself a test drive in your chosen car to give you the opportunity to ensure the car is right for you.

Check car safety

Not wanting to burst your bubble but you should be aware that statistics show that young drivers are more likely to find themselves in car accidents – and therefore it is vital that you check out the safety measures the car has in place. You can also research the safest cars to drive online for a list of the best options available.

Once you have chosen the right car for you, all that is left to do is enjoy the process of owning your very own vehicle.