Tips for Car Maintenance and Care

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It has been seen that even the most experienced of drivers know very little about what actually happens under the hood of the car.

Car MaintenanceIn a way, this makes driving a wonderful thing; you don’t need to know how the internal combustion engine works in order to operate one.

But wouldn’t driving be just that little more enjoyable if we actually knew our cars just that little bit more?

Then we could tell if that clunking noise is something we need to worry about, or something completely normal.

So what are some of the basics about car maintenance that every driver should know? Don’t worry- for most of them; you won’t even need to pop the hood!

Some car owners might view the cleaning of their homes as a boring chore, but when it comes to cleaning their car, they’re out on the driveway for hours, washing and polishing their car until it shines.

This isn’t purely an aesthetic thing- keeping your car clean protects the paint job and also removes many day-to-day items like dirt and bird mess that be corrosive.

Cleaning your car also allows you to examine every square inch of it, meaning that you can find any small areas of damage that might grow larger if left unrepaired.

A clean engine is a happy engine. Experts recommend a thorough engine cleaning once a year, preferably with steam. If you’re confident, you can do this yourself, but it’s a good idea to make sure you know what you’re doing, so you don’t damage the delicate electric components of your engine.

Always exercise caution if you tinker under the hood, since anything you do has the potential to void your cars warranty.

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