The Power of Clear Expectations

When you buy a car, you want to drive it. Let the wind blow through hair. Side-of-the-road blues are not a song that’s dear to your heart. You spend hard earned money for a toy, and you want to play. It must work. Obvious right?

Be careful.

Become familiar with the fine print, because some cars do not have warranties.

Look deeply.

Ask questions. Ask to see the documents: purchase agreement, odometer verification, temporary registration, etc. Use the Internet to verify the features of the automobile.

Know Your Product

Working from home, dig into the car market. Find out what car you want most. Carfax and blue book value are good places to start. Information fuels your decision. Just ‘Google it.’ Carfax will let you know what the car has “under the hood.” Blue book values are standard dollar values for the car at present.

Searching Google for real people’s opinions about the make and model you’re interested in has a priceless value. Real People. Real Experiences. Start with these, and you’ll likely discover more when you ask questions.

Manufacturers will reach customers who own their product. Once you communicate with the product owner, you can get current updates on what the manufacturer has to report about its model.

Who Are You Buying From

What is the background story for the company offering the car? How many vehicles do they sell annually? Again, ask Google. Phrase the question 2 – 3 different ways to get as much information as possible. Many people are willing to share their experience whether it’s helpful or not.