Tesla Model X: A Luxury Car for Everyone

Tesla Model X is the 7-seat SUV and is the re-imagined version of Model S. This 2.5 ton electric vehicle has 611 bhp and has an acceleration of 0-60mph in 3.2sec. Model X has the lithium battery pack, which is apparently same as the one in Model S. However, it is available in capacities including 75 kWh, 90 kWh and 100kWh.

The bigger model weighs around 600kg and that is twice than a normal engine and fuel tank weight of a typical SUV. Tesla Model X is manufactured on the same platform as the Model S, so it has a body of aluminium reinforced with boron steel.

Model X versions are 4-wheel drive, powered by 3-phase electric motors hold between each axle. The lower end models like 75D and 90D have models that are rated for up to 259bhp and the peak power is regulated based on the power that can be drawn from the drive battery.

The 75D version has a power output of 329bhp whereas the 90D model has 416php with 487ib ft. The upper middle level version, 100D produces 611 bhp and has 713Ib ft for those who want ludicrous speed.

100D version has the rear motor that is swapped out for a bigger one for up to 503bhp. Tesla Model X uses the same suspension arrangement of Model S, along with double wishbones at the front and multi-links at the back. Standard Steel coil springs are used and it can be upgraded to height adjustable air suspension.  The car is rated for dragging more than 2 tons on a braked trailer.