How to Sell a Family Owned Used Car?

Over time your family owned car can become an actual part of the family, and that makes parting with it even more difficult. You can ease the pain of that parting by getting the most for your old set of wheels, and taking a few proactive steps now could boost that resale value by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Used Car

Whether you are trying to value your trade-in vehicles in Blauvelt NY or considering a private sale in Philadelphia PA, here are some steps you should be taking.

1. Gather Your Service Records

A well maintained vehicle will be more valuable on the resale market, so now is the time to gather your service records and create a maintenance history for the car. Hopefully you already have those service records – so it will just be a matter of gathering them together and putting them in a format potential buyers can understand.

Whether you bundle those service records into a folder and keep it in the glove box or create an elaborate spreadsheet, it is important to provide a thorough maintenance picture of the vehicle. Having all the service records in one place will give potential buyers peace of mind and enhance the value of your used car.

2. Value Your Vehicle

Your family owned car may be priceless to you, but you will need to put a monetary value on it before you can sell. Start by using a combination of online and offline resources to estimate the value of your vehicle.

Once you have that rough estimate, you can use factors like the number of miles, the service history and the condition of the vehicle to tweak the value and determine how much to ask when you start advertising.

3. Do Some Smart Advertising

You already know about online classifieds like Craigslist, but these are not the only places to market your family owned vehicle. If you are on Facebook, you can post details about the vehicle there and let your friends share the information far and wide. If you have a collectible car, you might get more by advertising at an online auction site aimed at this unique market. Knowing where to market your family owned car can boost its resale value and help you get the most for your old set of wheels.

4. Consider Selling Through a Local Dealership

If you want to minimize the hassle factor and get the most for your family owned car, truck or SUV, selling through a local dealership may be the best choice. Many new and used car dealers provide lot space for sellers who want to consign their vehicles, while others will buy those old cars, trucks and SUVs outright.

No matter which option you choose, it is important to value your vehicle properly and get the most for it. The more you get for your old set of wheels the easier it will be to buy the new vehicle you have always wanted.