How to Prepare Your Car for a First Date?

Everyone is a little nervous on a first date. You want to be sure you look and smell good, and you want to make a great first impression. You also need to have your car looking and smelling as good as you. People notice the condition of your car, and many believe the way you care for your car is a good indicator of the kind of person you are.

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Clean Out the Car

According to Art of Manliness, the accumulated food wrappers, empty candy boxes, old mail, dirty socks, gym shoes, coffee cups, and assorted empty bottles all have to go. Your date will not think it is cute and little boyish. You will be instantly branded as a slob. Everyone in your date’s circle of friends and online social media contacts will know you do not clean your car. Your date may even have taken a few pictures on his or her smartphone to post on Instagram. Are you afraid yet? Never go on a date with a dirty car, whether it’s your first or twenty-first. Ignore this advice and it can be a first and last date.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

According to Cobblestone Auto Spa in Phoenix AZ, if your car is a disaster, you don’t have to clean it alone. Look for a full service car wash that also offers detailing. The car will be washed, vacuumed, and interior surfaces cleaned and polished. The mirrors and windows will be washed and streak-free. Your car is going to look great, and that will contribute to the first impression you want to make. It’s smart to carry a bottle of Febreeze in your trunk, because the nice new car fragrance is only going to last until you toss that half empty pizza box and gyms shoes into the back seat again next week.

Bring Some Cash

Paying for dinner and a movie with your credit or debit card is a good way to keep cash on you, it shows some class when you have cash for tips and parking.

Dress In A Way That Shows Respect

Don’t wear the most comfortable clothes you have. They probably smell like your gym shoes. Dress appropriately for the date. Dressy casual is always appropriate. No tie is necessary unless you are heading to a first-class restaurant where formality is not an option.

You can have a great first date with more to follow by following these handy tips, and making a good first impression is possible for both you and your car.