History of Silverstone Grand Prix and its exciting appearance in the year 2014

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Silverstone Grand Prix

The grand prix in the traditional preference of the people and its history is really very exciting as well! According to its history, the Grand Prix was actually started in the city named Silverstone in the Northampstonshire. It was started in the year 1950 and that city was selected for a reason.

The reason of city selection was made because its taxiways and runways were badly damaged due to the Second World War which means that this city was in need of proper and sooner development and modifications.

This situation made this city perfect for the Grand Prix and then the further modifications were made to make it perfectly suitable for it. So, as result, the Silverstone city became popular among the drivers and other people all around the world.

Most of the major upgrades were made especially on the tracks of this city which made it perfectly suitable for the Grand Prix and that is the reason why most of the Grand Prix activities are held in this city. So in the present time, the British Grand Prix 2014 is set to take place on the 6th July 2014 at Silverstone.

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