7 of the Best Ford Cars of All Time!

The Ford Motor Company is one of the world’s most recognizable symbols of the automobile industry.

Founded in 1903 under the name Ford Motor Company by North American Henry Ford, it has grown into a big multinational that has exported its models all over the world.

Given the immense success of this automobile giant, determining which models are the finest in the brand’s history is not a simple work, but if we have to choose the 7 best Fords in its long history after an analysis of all of them, this is our result.

best ford cars of all time

1- Ford Thunderbird 1955

This 1955 model was named Thunderbird in commemoration of the Native American tale of the thunderbird, whose unseen wings beat hard, generating winds and clouds that brought rainwater to the tribes.

It is a stiff and convertible sporty two-seater vehicle. This model’s uniqueness stems from its ability to mix sportiness, luxury, and grace.

It is not now a world top model, but it has more than earned the right to be called one of the best Fords in history after 40 years of success and nothing more or less than 13 generations.

Throughout its whole history, it has been adopting improvements in mechanics, safety, power, and design that have allowed every moment, suffering manufacturing stoppages, such as the latest one in 2005 owing to a decline in sales, which have been nothing more. that pauses to recreate itself while retaining its essence

2- Ford Model T

This article would be pointless without mentioning the Ford Model T. Simply looking at it transports us to another period, as this car was created in 1908.

Many of you will have seen its iconic image but may not have realized it is the Model T, or Flivver as it was informally known in the United States.

This model set a historic precedent by bringing the prospect of owning a vehicle closer to the working class, which was previously reserved only for the affluent.

With this model, vehicle serial production began, allowing expenses to be reduced and the vehicle to be sold at a lower price.

3- Ford Fiesta

Since its introduction in 1976, it has remained a Ford best-seller. If we haven’t had one, we almost certainly know someone who has or has had one.

And it is the Ford Fiesta that has known how to reinvent itself and adapt to changing times and technological advancements. It already has seven generations of automobiles, with more to come.

Although it is one of the American firm’s modest models due to its small size, it is undeniably one of the best in terms of performance and dependability.

Compact model, little on the surface but with a feeling of spaciousness inside, extremely urban, always very well equipped, despite its age, it has not lost its freshness, impudence, and youth, being one of the vehicle models, not only from Ford but also from all manufacturers, that has been renewed better.

It’s mostly intended for city driving, although it’s capable of highway driving as well.

However, it is not just a consumer model, but it has also competed in rallies, given the size versus other models specifically created to compete.

4- Ford Sierra

The Ford Sierra is the company’s other flagship model in North America. It is the youngest of those named, having arrived in our lives in 1982, following the development in Europe.

Even though it started with rear-wheel drive and independent suspension, its development was clearly geared toward a futuristic design and high technical quality.

The Ford Sierra has always been a powerful car. Despite its engine variability, we can define the Sierra as a high-end performance car with a huge engine in all of its versions that is strong and consumes a lot of fuel. As a result, it also made its way into the realm of rallies.

It was a popular model in Europe, but it was inevitable that the Ford Mondeo would follow since this ground-breaking car at the time was able to adapt to changing times and build the Mondeo.

5- Ford Mustang

The Mustang debuted in 1964 and has since become one of the most recognizable automobiles in North America.

It is not well known in Europe because commercialization did not reach the old continent until 2013, but we couldn’t stop talking about it because of the significance it has had in American society.

The agility and seductiveness are the most recognizable aspects of this car.

As soon as it was unveiled, it became an object of desire for young and old alike, and its lines beckon you to feel the thrill of driving it.

Its design, which combines the aforementioned descriptors, was the envy of other manufacturers, who, based on Ford’s unique design and the huge success it gained, put their technical teams to work to bring models to market that could compete with the renowned Mustang.

A fascinating truth that highlights the significance of this American icon is that we are confronted with the world’s most cinematic automobile.

The number of times it has been on the big screen is in the thousands. Ford has reaped significant additional benefits from the merchandising revenue generated as a result of this.

6- Mustang GT 1982

Since 1979, the “Fox body” Mustang has been in production, and no other car has placed as much focus on performance.

The most powerful Mustang with a V8 engine in 1981 had a paltry 4.2-liter engine with an absurd 115 “horses” under the hood.

The GT, on the other hand, roared with might and might with a powerful 4.9 liter (labeled as 5.0) engine with two carburetors and produced 157 l / s. No, 157 “horses” in 2016 are meaningless.

In reality, it’s a subcompact. But, 1982, marked the start of a massive “war of motors” that continues to this day.

7- Ford Taurus

The American auto sector plummeted in the mid-1980s.

The issue was exacerbated by the fact that American automobiles just lost everything to the Japanese, who gradually but steadily conquered the New World market.

The front-wheel-drive Taurus, which appeared at the time, sleek, with rigorous and modern forms, offered an excuse for many to start buying American vehicles again.

It was the one who rescued Ford from disaster.

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