How to Remove Old Dried Bugs and Stains from Car?

Bugs are annoying. The noisy ones, sticky ones, chirpy ones.

You name it – no matter the breed – they are all annoying…

Especially as the weather starts heating up and winter comes to an end, bugs start their job, which is to make your car look filthy and full of stains.

how to remove dried bugs from car paint

Flying insects stick to the car paint and can leave stains that can be hard to remove.

Some of them will etch it to the point where the paint can get permanently damaged if you don’t take drastic measures early on.

In this article, you’ll learn how to take the right steps in the right direction when it comes to keeping your car safe from insects, what to do if they ever get stuck on your car’s surface, and also how to keep these bugs away from your car.

Why are Bugs a Problem for Your Car?

Although most people associate pest infestations with homes, your automobile is just as vulnerable, since bugs, flies, spiders, and cockroaches prefer to congregate in places where people congregate.

They are looking for refuge, food, and water, so if they find a way in and have everything they need to survive, your automobile becomes their lovely home.

When bugs land on your car’s hood, the grills, and behind the mirrors (the most typical landing spots, along with the windshield) they start making it look dirty and if it isn’t cleaned off straight away, issues might arise.

Most of them also release bug spatter, which is acidic and includes compounds that may eat through a clear coat in two days, destroying the paint on your vehicle and producing pockmarks.

Removing the bugs from the car exterior is, therefore, most important and should be done on time.

Car bug remover safe for paint coating

Different Methods to Remove Bug Stains from Car

While it’s always good to prevent them from sticking, if they are already attached to your car’s surface and have dried, below are a few ways to get rid of the old bug stains from the car.

Before covering the different ways to remove dried insects and stains, one thing to always keep in mind is always attempting to remove them before they get a stick and get dried on the surface.

Because that can damage the car finish forever.

Method 1: Microfiber Cloth and Spray Wax

These are two of the safest products to eradicate bugs from the car exterior.

Microfiber towels are specifically engineered to take up wax and other materials, making them an efficient and risk-free solution.

Just spray the wax on the vehicle spot where love bugs have affected the surface and wipe it away.

Also, spray some of the wax on the wiping cloth and proceed in one direction when removing contaminants using any of these procedures.

You just want to take these insect particles off your automobile, without working in circles, which might cause scratches.

Method 2: Car Detergents and Bug Removal Sponge

Method 2 is probably your best DIY bug remover if the microfiber towel is unable to remove all of the bugs from your car’s surface.

To make a homemade car bug remover take a bucket and fill it half with vehicle soap and water. Then with a bug removal sponge clean the surface.

These sponges are available almost anyplace and feature a rough surface that makes them ideal for removing stuck-on contaminants and bug stains.

Before rubbing the sponge over the surface, ensure you give it a good squeeze and get the extra soap out.

Now, apply it to the affected area or where the bugs have dried out with ugly stains.

Ensure that the sponge is adequately lubricated, or otherwise, it may cause minor scratching.

Allow the removal solution to stay for about 30 seconds before wiping it away with a microfiber cloth.

Method 3: Citrus Centric Degreasers & Bug Removers

Citrus-centric degreasers are also effective against difficult-to-remove pests stuck on your car surface.

These are environment-friendly degreasers that are suitable for cleaning dead bugs off clear coatings.

It’s also good for decomposing organic substances such as bird droppings.

You can find plenty of bug cleaner sprays (like bug be gone for cars) that aids in the removal of the bugs and stains.

The only thing is they need to be sprayed carefully.

After using this sort of treatment, you should wash your automobile as usual to eliminate any stains that may have been left behind.

Besides degreasers, there are also cleaning solutions that can be poured directly into the wash reservoir of your car.

These aids in the breakdown of dead insect guts to increase visibility when they spatter on your windshield.

how to keep bugs off wet car paint

Different Ways to Prevent Bugs from Sticking to Your Car

There’s not much you can do if you strike a gigantic flying beetle at night, but there are a few things you can do to make clean-up simpler so the bugs don’t damage your car paint.

When it comes to preventing bugs from sticking and damaging a car’s white paint, certain products/films help a lot.

Especially if you have fresh wet paint on your car or a truck these strategies will be effective in keeping the bugs off.

So, here are the 5 best ways:

1: Wax it

The primary function of car wax is to protect your vehicle’s clear coat and it’s one of the best ways of insect prevention on your car surface.

IMO, it’s an excellent practice to have it on your car at all times as its major role is to make clean-up easier by establishing a shield between your car and rain, pests, or any outside factors.

After you’ve gotten rid of those dried insects from your car and washed the surface properly, apply a thorough coat of wax to places like your hood and bumper.

2: Apply Bug Barricade

This is a liquid bug repellent compound that provides a slick surface suitable for off-road vehicles.

After cleaning and drying your car, just spray it on and distribute it evenly throughout the surface with a microfiber cloth or sponge.

Unlike waxes and polishes, this substance forms an impenetrable layer to keep bugs off your clear coat.

But remember it is not very long-lasting and is only supposed to last a few weeks. So, it’s an ideal solution if you are taking your car for hunting or other outdoor activities.

3: Use Bug Protection Shield

These shields are attached to your car, which keeps bugs away.

These shields come in a variety of forms and sizes and are normally attached to the car using tape.

If your vehicle stays in outdoor areas, these will do an amazing job.

4: Apply a Paint Protection Wrap

Applying a paint protection wrap to your car is another temporary but very useful solution to keep bugs off your luxury car.

If you’re concerned about paint damage or etching due to bugs these wraps can be very effective.

Plus, these car wraps are intended to block the damage due to hitting tiny pebbles and may be a great alternative if you want to keep your paint looking incredible all the time.

The only downside is these must be reapplied over time, but they are ideal if you want to protect the outside of your automobile for as long as possible.

A pro-tip: For infrequent weekend travels when you will be off-roading or in a location where insects are abundant, apply some wraps to the hood of the car, bumper, and side-view mirrors.

Just be a bit careful that you don’t let these wraps attached to the car’s surface for a longer period of time.

5: Use a Windshield Protection to Keep Bugs Off

This is helpful if you live in an area where you are unable to park your car in a garage at night time.

You can make use of the windshield cover that will prevent the insects from sitting and polluting, which will help you have a clean and clear windshield in the morning.


Ants, wasps, beetles, and many more get attracted to your car so that they can find their way in.

They will first try to stick to the windshield, doors, windows, etc. And then can slowly drag inside.

Some of them can die on the surface and can leave stains that are hard to remove.

This article was geared toward helping you keep your car stay bug-free.

Although it’s hard to avoid some bug gunk on your car, there are certain things you can do to keep it looking excellent.

Follow the steps outlined above to make the cleaning process easy and maintain your car like a pro.

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