Butterfly Automotive Keys: What are These?

Have you ever seen a butterfly automotive key? Or for that matter of fact a balisong butterfly knife? You must be getting surprised so as to understand what kind of connection do both have?

Yes, there is an absolute similarity between the two products, one being influenced by the other.

Butterfly automotive keys are extremely stylish and lend you an aura of fashion.

You can keep this key with yourself in order to look fashionable.

You shall be impressed with the structure and the make, and such keys can lend a different type of look to your locks.

Such type of structures can be used to make different types of keys related to different utilities. These are:

  • House Keys
  • Car Keys
  • Motorcycle Keys etc.

You can create the molds based on your specific needs and requirements. These kinds of keys are measured as 13X70 mm. However, the look by itself is sleek and allows complete convenience for the users.

A major USP (Unique Selling Proposition) remains to be a clicking sound that makes sure that the key is working. The key holds to a feel-good factor and is quite easy to handle.

These kinds of keys are produced in the USA and they carry a warranty extended for the lifetime.

Billet aluminum is the input material that is used to make the base of the butterfly key stronger. The keys are available in an amazing finish and you can get a variety of color choices.

Being made of aluminum, the key differentiates itself through a high tensile strength.

Major properties are that they are rust free and have anti-scratch properties. However, please make sure that you use the same properly without allowing much wear and tear.

Associated with key rings which are quite attractive, these keys can be easily attached to a key chain.