Arcan vs. Pittsburgh Floor Jack: Which One To Choose?

Arcan vs. Pittsburgh Floor Jack

Anyone who works on vehicles understands the importance of a floor jack.

Arcan and Pittsburgh are the greatest floor jack manufacturers in the industry today.

Many mechanics prefer Arcan floor jacks, while some prefer Pittsburgh floor jacks.

If you don’t know much about a floor jack, it might be difficult to determine which one of the two is superior.

In brief, you’ll choose between Pittsburgh and an Arcan according to your mobility requirements and money.

Continue reading to discover if you should acquire Arcan or a Pittsburgh.

In this article, we’ll examine both brands in-depth and give the best tips and guides to assist you in deciding on a floor jack between the two.

Arcan Floor Jack

Arcan floor jack is strong, long-lasting, and portable.

You’ll be able to raise almost any automobile with these bad guys without danger of corrosion or transportation. 

If you want a portable and corrosion-resistant, choose an Arcan floor jack over a Pittsburgh.

Material and Durability 

The body of Arcan floor jacks is composed of top-quality aluminum. As a result, the jack is both sturdy and lightweight.

This material is popular among mechanics as it’s not very prone to corrosion.

The metal frame not only guarantees that it can endure strong pressure but also adds to its portability.


The Arcan floor jack’s aluminum structure makes it very light. It is a fantastic benefit for individuals needing to transport the jack from one area to another.

It’s very light and will not strain your back picking it up.

Furthermore, the Arcan floor jack has a two-piece handle which enhances its portability to even a greater extent.

Floor Clearance and Lifting Power 

Despite its lightweight construction, the Arcan floor jack has tremendous lifting strength.

The actual capacity can vary depending on the model you choose, although some versions can lift to three tonnes. 

This jack lifts 3-ton autos using a dual-piston pump, and with just 12 pumps you can elevate the vehicle to upto 19 inches.


The Arcan floor jack is strong, long-lasting, and light.

Its metal frame assures that it will survive usage and the environment while being portable. The steel handle improves the product’s portability even further.

The floor clearance of this jack makes it suited for a wide range of vehicle models.


  • Aluminum is used
  • Long-lasting
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Light
  • Simple to transport 
  • Steel grab handle
  • Ideal for the majority of automobiles


  • Very expensive

When to Consider Arcan Floor Jacks? 

Pick the Arcan if you’re looking for a portable floor jack.  

Because it is constructed of metal and has a handle, you can simply relocate this jack.

In addition, if you’re looking for less care, go with an Arcan.

You don’t have to be as concerned about moisture since it doesn’t rust.

Pittsburgh or Arcan Floor Jack

Pittsburgh Floor Jack

Pittsburgh floor jacks, like Arcan, are very strong and suited for a wide range of vehicles.

Because they are composed of steel, they are among the most durable alternatives available.

Looking for a robust and adaptable jack that you don’t plan to relocate? The Pittsburgh floor jack is the one to go.

Material and Durability 

A Pittsburgh floor jack is built of high-quality steel. As a result, the jack may be used for almost any lifting task. 

It’s also less expensive than aluminum, which makes it ideal for individuals on a tight budget.


Another disadvantage is that it is quite heavy, which won’t be an issue for people who do not intend to move their jack. 

However, owing to its weight, transporting, moving, or storing the floor jack would be quite difficult. 

The Pittsburgh is also devoid of a handle. This makes moving and transporting the jack much more difficult.

Floor Clearance and Lifting Power 

The Pittsburgh, like the Arcan, has excellent floor clearance and lifting capability. It features a 2.875-inch beginning height, making it suited for low vehicles.


The Pittsburgh floor jacks are comparable to the Arcan as it also has a large lifting capacity.

It’s also very strong and weight-resistant thanks to its steel make.

You must, however, maintain it correctly to avoid corrosion.

Furthermore, since it is made of steel, it is not very portable.


  • Powerful 
  • Easily withstands knocks and scrapes 
  • Made of top-quality steel
  • Has a lifting capacity of 19.75 inches 
  • Affordably priced


  • Heavy 
  • It is difficult to transport
  • If not properly maintained, it is prone to corrosion

When to Consider Pittsburgh Floor Jacks? 

Pick the Pittsburgh if you’re not concerned about its portability and want to save some money. 

Because it is made of steel, it is heavy and less costly than the Arcan. 

This makes it ideal for stationary or economical purchases.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks

a) Safety:

Floor jacks touch the vehicles you work on.

Ensure that it’s equipped with a foam handle bumper, and a rubber saddle to protect the automobile.

Although certain Pittsburgh models have protection, Arcan is more dependable in this regard

b) Castor Size:

Larger castors will provide more stability. Because of their heavier weight, the Pittsburgh floor jack features bigger castors.

c) Looks:

Many individuals like matching tools. Pittsburgh and Arcan jacks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Choose one that complements your other equipment for a more appealing appearance.


You can put your faith in Arcan and Pittsburgh.

Except for the materials used and the weight, their floor jacks are almost identical in every aspect. 

Arcan floor jacks are composed of aluminum, which allows them to be lighter and more costly, while Pittsburgh floor jacks are built of steel, which makes them heavier and less expensive.

You can’t go wrong with either choice.

Just keep your budget and planned transportability in mind.

You will easily be able to choose an option if you examine those two factors.

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