5 Steps You Must Follow to Buy a Used Volkswagen

Volkswagens are strong vehicles. If a used Volkswagen has had proper service over the years, you can still get a lot of mileage out of it without needing to change out car parts.

VolkswagenTo buy a used Volkswagen, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Decide how much you want to spend

Deciding how much is reasonable to spend on the used car you want to buy is critical. Evaluate the points below to arrive at your budget estimates:

  • Is the car purchase going to dent your salary too much?
  • If you have a car, can the dealer accept an exchange?
  • If you do not have enough money at hand, is your credit rating good enough to get you a loan from the bank?
  • Will extra costs such as insurance and taxes fit into your budget?
  1. Choosing the right Volkswagen

You have many options of used Volkswagen cars that you can choose from. Choosing the right car starts with deciding what you want.

If you are environmentally conscious or just want a car for town use, consider buying a Volkswagen electric.

If you will be shuttling your kids around, an SUV is a good choice as it is spacious and can carry many people.

To decide the right kind of used Volkswagen to buy, check online for Ideal Auto USA.

  1. Visit the car yard

Once you have your budget, car make and model in order, visit the car yard to see what is available.

You should ask about the history of the car as well as what the previous owners mostly used it for. Cars used in town tend to be in better condition as opposed to cars used on dirt roads out of town.

When you see a car you are interested in, inspect it. Take note of the below during inspection:

  • Ask for the log book. Compare the vehicle ID number on the chassis and engine to make sure it has not been interfered with and that it matches the VIN on the log book.
  • Have a look at the car service slips to establish roadworthiness
  • Inspect the bodywork. You should be keen to notice any cracks, bubbling, rust or any other irregularities. A bad bodywork finish will cost you an additional expense.
  • Inspect the engine, the lights, shocks, wheels and the car interior.

Be sure to schedule your visit during the day as you stand a better chance of noticing flaws.

  1. Take the car for a test drive

Test driving gives you the opportunity to assess car performance and check for damage in the shocks, gears, breaks, and the engine.

Drive a long enough distance and then check for signs of overheating.

You should also test the central heating and cooling system and listen for crackling or backfiring noises   during your drive.

  1. Closing the sale

Once you are satisfied that the used Volkswagen is worth buying, you can proceed with the purchase. Don’t be afraid to make a counter offer on the asking price.

When you and the seller agree on the price, you can proceed to the paperwork. Check through all the paperwork thoroughly before you append your signature.

Insist on getting a receipt to show that a sale took place.

By following the above 5 steps, you will be driving your used Volkswagen in no time.

Author Bio

Kelvin Everest is a car salesman with 12 years’ experience in the industry. He has sold cars at dealerships as well as online in sites like Ideal Auto USA. Be sure to visit the website for more.