What is a 3-Bay Garage – Different Types & Advantages?

Modern-day lifestyle has made it mandatory for people to own multiple vehicles either for work, business, or recreational purposes.

It can be either a car, motorbike, cycle, lawnmower, or boat.

Whatever it be, to safeguard it from bad weather conditions and burglary you need a separate fully covered parking space.

The best solution for this is to have a 3-bay garage in your residence.

what is a 3 bay garage

What are the Dimensions?

Generally, a dimension of 32 feet width and 28 feet depth is good enough, if you own medium-size cars, vans, jeeps, or trucks.

If space permits, try to add another 4 feet each to the length and width of the 3-bay garage to assist easy movement inside the garage freely.

Apart from this, it also provides room to store or park bicycles, gardening, and landscaping tools.

What are the Different Types?

3-bay garages are usually detachable and come as a separate unit.

If you have sufficient space, you can also build it like how traditional garages are built as a permanent attachment, but with 3 bays.

When it comes to garage doors, you can have a separate door for each bay or a single door for all the bays.

When the doors are separate for each bay, you can open the door of the only necessary bay.

When it is a common door, the other bays also get opened even though they are not of use at present.

There is a provision to install windows on doors and walls but it is better to avoid as it is easy for the burglars to peep into the contents of the garage.

The Cost Factor

The average cost to build a 3-car garage can range anything between $28,500 to $42,500.

In general, you can expect to pay around $49 to $50 per square foot.

And this is for an average 3-car garage that ranges from 570 to 870 square feet.

What are the Advantages of 3-Bay Garage?

People with multiple vehicles, especially more than two, always feel short of space to park their vehicles in conventional or tandem garages.

As a result, they will be forced to park the remaining vehicle in the streets. 3-bay garage comes as a rescue to address this problem.

  1. If you have to do some minor repairs or adjustments or cleaning, it can be done inside your 3-bay garage itself with adequate privacy and no disturbance to your neighbors.
  2. You can save a few bucks every month by way of storage facility fees by parking your rare collection or custom cars which you drive rarely inside the 3-bay garage.
  3. Insurance companies quote less premium for people who park their cars inside garages instead of on streets, due to the lesser risk involved.

With add-ons, you can get multiple benefits by using the 3-bay garages.

Some of them are…

Construction of loft offers additional separate storage space.

If needed, even a full-fledged office or apartment can also be built over this 3-bay garage.

You can allocate one bay separately for performing repairs and maintenance work in cars or trucks.

For that particular bay, you can have sunken floors for easy roll-over or use lifts to lift the vehicle for easy inspection of the undercarriage.

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